Treating Ear Infections & Earaches
with Alternative Mehods

by Sharon Moran - Butterfly Expressions, llc

Ear infections and the subsequent earaches are a frequent occurrence with some people, especially infants and children. Knowing how to prevent them from occurring and how to treat them quickly when they do occur is a must.

One of the best ways to prevent infection, especially in the ears, is to use some form of garlic oil. Garlic oil is an excellent antibacterial herb. The essential oil of garlic is WAY TOO STRONG to be placed in the ears undiluted. The herbal preparation EO, made by Butterfly Express, llc, has garlic oil, as well as other soothing, healing and infection fighting herbs in the recipe. This combination of herbs and garlic, infused into almond oil, is an excellent preventative measure to keep ear infections at bay. Place 3 – 5 drops in the ears once a day to keep the ears infection free and healthy.

If an ear infection does occur, EO can be used more frequently to kill the bacteria and viruses that may be causing the infection. The tincture BBL (tinctured in alcohol only) can also be used to help alleviate the pain and throbbing that often occurs with an ear infection. Place 3 – 5 drops of EO and 2 – 3 drops of BBL in the ear. Repeat this procedure several times a day until the infection is gone. If the ear drum bursts from a buildup of pressure, continued use of both EO and BBL can help the healing process and eliminate residual scar tissue.

Constant use of the EO does not seem to create a “build up” in the ear. In fact, it seems to loosen the “gunk” that may be causing some of the drainage problems in the first place. Some people find ear candling on a routine basis helpful to remove the loosen ear wax.

Essential oils are of great benefit with earaches and infections, too. LeEndoRelief, LeLifeForce, LeMelaPlus,
Millenia, and basil are some of the more helpful oils when combating ear infections. A drop, diluted with carrier oil, is all that is needed. Massaging behind the ear and “milking” the lymph ducts down the side of the neck is a wonderful to break up junk and get the lymphatic system moving. As always, rubbing essential oils on the feet is also very helpful.