Flu Kit

We have been receiving a great number of phone calls regarding the swine flu in the past few weeks. This informational sheet has been put together in an attempt to answer questions and concerns that you may have about the swine flu.

The swine flu normally infects only swine but has recently shown the ability to infect humans. Research is now showing that not only is the swine flu able to infect humans, it is also being spread by human-to-human contact, not just contact with swine.

The number one thing that you need to remember when dealing with swine flu, or any other illness, is to TREAT FOR THE SYMPTOMS that you are experiencing at the present time. The name of the illness or the strain of bacteria/virus is less important to herbal and homeopathic remedies than you might think.

Many of the same things that you would use to treat the regular flu will be what you need for the swine flu as well. Keep in mind that you are probably looking at both viral and bacterial infections occurring at the same time. Viral infections almost always open the body up for overgrowth or infestation of one unfriendly bacteria or another.

Recommended Essential Oils
LeDeliverance is considered to be anti-viral as well as anti-bacterial.
Daily use of this oil can boost the immune system and keep it functioning at optimum levels. An inhaler with LeDeliverance should be used frequently throughout the day to “refresh” the body’s defenses.

LeEndo Relief helps the lymphatic system continue to drain and to keep toxins and dying bacteria from over-whelming tissues and cells. This oil is also very helpful during the recovery stages of serious illness because it is designed to strengthen and re-balance the endocrine system as a whole.

LeMariah is a wonderful support for the entire respiratory system. It promotes the rebuilding of the lungs while helping to eliminate the virus and bacteria from the respiratory system.

LeStefanie is another respiratory blend that may be helpful in ridding the body of any anti-biotic resistant bacteria strains.

LeBreezey and LeAspire and always good to support and open the respiratory system. LeBreezey and LeAspire and always good to
support and open the respiratory system.

LeRevitalize and/or LeLife Force are both good oils for improving energy levels during the illness and for helping the body re-gain strength and remove residual bacteria and toxins.

LeInside Out would be a must if there is any intestinal discomfort or diarrhea.

Suggested Homeopathcis
(Use only when symptoms are present)

Gelsemium sempervirens 200C
In 1918 a flu outbreak took more lives than was lost in the entirety of Word War I. There were some homeopathic hospitals that had a phenomenal rate of survival and recovery. Gelsemium was the main remedy used. Here are some of the key-note symptoms of Gelsemium

Influenza with muscular soreness, great fatigue and headache. Usually great shaking and trembling.
Drowsiness with any type of influenza - almost a stupor, sometimes with delirium
Feeling of emptiness in stomach or bowels; cramping with diarrhea and yellow discharges; gnawing and/or spasmodic pain in the transverse colon; painful contractions; tenderness in right iliac region
Chilliness up and down the spine
The face would have a hot, flushed appearance - unlike Arsenicum, below, which has blueness and cold
Thirstless, little appetite for food
Weak slow pulse with pain in the heart region with movement (Good time to use LeVitality or LeRevitalize oil)
Partial paralysis of the bladder. (Use LeRevitalize oil)
Feeling of oppression in the chest; slow breathing alternating with spasms and quick, short breaths.
Excessive trembling and weakness of the limbs.
Pain from throat to ear with the feeling of a large lump in the throat that cannot be swallowed.
Dizziness and blurred vision.

Arsenicum album 200C
A must when dealing with any intestinal, bacterial flu. Arsenicum would be especially useful if, once recovered, a relapse occurred.
Exhaustion, but with anxiety and restlessness
Low vitality and eventual emaciation and weight loss.
Shortness of breath with suffocative catarrh
Abdomen swollen and painful with an enlarged spleen.
Darting pain through upper right lung; shortness of breath when not sitting up
Headache relieved by cold; itchy scalp
Liver and spleen enlarged and painful (use LeRevitalize here)
Nausea, retching and vomiting. Craves cold water but vomits it immediately
High fever
Throat would be swollen making swallowing difficult to impossible.
Vertigo - almost loss of consciousness - during coughing or retching spells.

Veratrum Album:
A picture of collapse with extreme coldness, blueness and weakness
Vomiting that is violent and profuse. Diarrhea also violent and purging
Cramping in the legs and feet
All symptoms are violent and sudden and often accompanied by fainting
Face would be very pale, blue, collapsed looking and cold; tip of nose very cold
Voracious appetite and thirst but eating and drinking, particularly cold things,
is immediately vomited
Vomiting worse with any motion
Cold sweat on forehead
Heart palpitations with rapid audible respiration (consider LeVitality oil here)
Mucous in bronchials and throat
Large hard stools followed by watery diarrhea then more hard masses

Eupatorium perfoliatum 200C
for use with the flu with body aches and pains.
Severe and violent aching in the bones including back, limbs and head.
Soreness and painful aching; bruised feeling in bones, especially in old injuries.
Hoarseness and dry cough with soreness in chest.
Cough with influenza; cough better from getting on hands and knees.
Headache with soreness of eyeballs.

Herbal Tinctures
Red Clover Combination, an amazing blood purifying remedy, to which lomatium root has been added. Lomatium was used in northern Nevada during the 1918 influenza epidemic by the Washoe Indians with amazing recovery results. It is utilized today by naturopathic physicians in the treatment of influenza, pneumonia, bronchitis, etc.

Cayenne sustains and protects the heart during times of stress and during infectious diseases. Hawthorne improves the integrity of the cell membrane and prevents damage to individual cells throughout the body.

This mineral supplement tincture supplies essential B vitamins needed when the body is under stress, as well as other necessary vitamins for the proper function of the body’s immune defenses.

supply a very potent, very absorbable form of vitamin C in a concentrated form. Vitamin C is necessary for proper cell function and regeneration and for a strong immune system. Vitamin C is required for the uptake of many other nutrients by the body.

Olive leaf
Very potent anti-bacterial as well as anti-viral herb. Particularly helpful in reducing the high fevers associated with viral/bacterial attacks. Studies have also shown that it relaxes arterial walls and reduces the hyper-tension that is created by fever and/or dehydration.

Some other things to remember
Get plenty of rest
Drink plenty of water
The best plan is prevention: avoid exposure
Wash hands with soap and water frequently
Avoid hand contact with your face and mouth
Treat your symptoms as soon as they appear; change protocols as the symptoms change
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