Reproductive System
by LaRee Westover
Butterfly Expressions, LLC




Responsible for perpetuation of the human race and the joy of the family unit.
This is a huge topic. I have done only a brief summary here. Please refer to for a full write up on the reproductive system.


Pre-mentsrual syndrome, infertility, miscarriage, difficulty carrying a baby to term, breast-feeding issues such as mastitis or insufficient milk supply, cysts, polyps, endometriosis, fibroids, prolapsing organs, enlarged prostate, osteoporosis, issues of menopause (for men and women). It would—and has—taken me pages to addresses this topic. There is a wealth of information at under the Information tab, in the Body Systems section. Look for Reproductive System Advanced.


Symptoms vary according to what part of the system is affected, and according to what functions of the reproductive system are out-of-balance.


The reproductive system is impacted by every negative thing that we do to ourselves. A few that come to mind are stress, lack of sleep, birth control pills and other medications, improper dietary habits and the accompanying lack of nutrition, hormones in our food and water supply, and a multitude of emotions.


The B vitamins and vitamin C are particularly important to hormone balance as are trace minerals, proteins, and essential fatty acids.

The nutrition and supplements necessary for good reproductive system health are, except for those herbs and supplements that stimulate uterine contractions, often the same as those recommended for pregnancy.


AD (fatigue), KT and KB (urinary issues), MIN, KNA, MH, MW, PHB, PRT, Marshamallow, Alfalfa, Comfrey (nutrition), YW, Chaste Tree, Shepherd’s Purse, Squawvine, Ginseng, Raspberry, Rosemary, nervine formulas and BBL (with caution during pregnancy)

Recommended essential oils for the reproductive system include: LeEndoRelief, LeWoman Wise, LeBalance, LeLetting Go, LeEternity, LeCherish, LeExpressions, LeMillenia, LeBaby Me, LeJulia, LeEZ Traveler, LeQuiet Essence, LeRevitalize, Cypress, Geranium, Roman Chamomile (general reproductive system issues), Mandarin, Orange Sweet, Rosemary


Puberty and the years immediately following are times of rapidly changing hormones. It is far more important than most young women (and young men) realize to establish dietary habits that include good nutrition. Habits and hormonal patterns formed at this time will very likely play a major role in the ease or the difficulty, the good health or pain and misery, that will be experienced during the childbearing years and on into menopause.

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