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Save 15% on December Oils
Letting Go Essential Oil Blend Letting Go Essential Oil Blend
Cypress Essential Oil Single Cypress Essential Oil Single
Reflections Essential Oil Blend Reflections Essential Oil Blend
Mandarin Essential Oil Single Mandarin Essential Oil Single
Unity Essential Oil Blend Unity Essential Oil Blend
Palmarosa Essential Oil Single Palmarosa Essential Oil Single

LeLetting Go aids us in "letting go" of negative emotions that we are holding onto in the physical tissues of our bodies.

Cypress is a wonderful healer for the spirit. It brings the feeling that each new day is a fresh start on our road to glowing life and health.

LeReflections lifts the cloud of negativity which may be pulling us under emotionally and spiritually, clouding our mental perceptions and processes.

Mandarin oil has sedative properties, making it one of the best essential oils for stress and irritability. It promotes feelings of deep happiness.

LeUnity promotes harmony within ourselves, with others around us, and with our Creator. It can rid us of stubbornness, anger, judgment, & jealousy.

Palmarosa helps us embrace change and can help us be versatile and adaptable as we move through the changes that life always brings.

Learn more about these amazing oils in the Butterfly Expressions Blog

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