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Benediction Essential Oil Blend
Hyssop Essential Oil Single
Sanctuary Essential Oil Blend
Lavender Officinalis Essential Oil Single
Seasons Essential Oil Blend
Spruce Essential Oil Single

LeBenediction should be used at times when you are feeling particularly vulnerable, “energy sensitive” and easily drained by people and situations.

Hyssop's aroma is said to protect the auric field and strengthen personal boundaries.

LeSanctuary promotes feelings of protection and safety. It can help us replace fear in our lives with faith in healthy ways.

Lavender Officinalis can be used for nearly all skin conditions including rashes, dermatitis, eczema, and insect bites.

LeSeasons is amazing for clearing out the sinuses and for relieving sinus headaches that come with allergy season.

Spruce grounds the solar plexus and stimulates the thymus, creating the emotional balance necessary to be gracious at both giving and receiving.

Learn more about these amazing oils in the Butterfly Expressions Blog

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