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Health Tip - KT
(Formerly Kidney Toner)
by LaRee Westover - Butterfly Expressions, LLC

1.00 marshmallow
1.00 mullein leaf and/or flower
1.00 juniper berries
Total herbs 3.0 oz Ratio herbs to liquid 1:10 Total liquid 30 oz (approx)

This is a mild and healing diuretic (without the side effects of drugs). This is a formula that I have relied on for years with my own badly damaged kidneys. It is one of the most helpful formulas in my repertory, for myself and others.

I have found that uric acid crystals play a part in a great many chronic diseases, Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis to give just two examples. Regular use of the KT formula alleviates many of the associated symptoms of these chronic conditions. KT is helpful as a kidney support during any illness and when doing any kind of cleanse.

The addition of .25 part of slippery elm makes this formula even more emollient and soothing.

Cypress Blue

(Callitris intratopica ie Ausralian Blue Cypress)

THERAPEUTIC PROPERTIES: anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, catarrhal, calmative, emollient, insecticide, sedative

AFFINITY FOR: respiratory system, root, sacral and solar plexis chakras, the skin, lungs

RESONANCE: physical, emotional

PLANT FAMILY: Cupressaceae

PART UTILIZED: wood, bark, leaves

EXTRACTION METHOD: steam distilled

AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: The aroma of Australian blue cypress is a woody fragrance, blended with cedar and lemon. It is well suited for aroma therapy.

APPLICATION: Australian blue cypress should be well diluted and applied topically. Australian blue cypress is both grounding and warming. It is also great diffused.

EMOTIONAL/SPIRITUAL/MENTAL ASPECTS: Australian blue cypress is an excellent choice for working with the root, sacral and solar plexis chakras. Because it is both grounding and balancing, it could be used during times of imbalance, disharmony and scattered thoughts. Australian blue cypress reduces irritation. This oil would be helpful in working with emotions such as pessimism and ruthlessness. It would lend a cooling effect and bring forth strength and wisdom.

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: Australian blue cypress is an excellent respiratory oil. It is very effective at clearing the lungs and supports normal breathing patterns. It would be an excellent choice for pleurisy.

The presence of guaiazulene and guaiol makes Australian blue cypress anti-inflammatory. It would be useful for such things as arthritis, bursitis and general aches and pains.

Australian blue cypress was traditionally used to support the body's natural response to irritation and injury. This makes it a good choice for skin irritations and rashes. It has been shown to be moisturizing to dry skin even in a desert environment.

It has also been used to repel mosquitoes and other insects.

GENERAL INFORMATION: The blue color associated with Australian blue cypress is due to the amount of guaiazulene present in the oil.

CAUTIONS: There are no know contraindications for using Australian blue cypress.

The Importance of Electrolytes
By Sharon Moran
Electrolytes regulate our nerve and muscle function as well as help to keep our body's hydrated. They maintain the pH of the blood, the blood pressure and even help rebuild damaged tissue. There are various pathways which the body uses to maintain electrolyte balance. When these balances are not maintained within their necessary levels, the body's functions can fail quite quickly.

In order for you to move a muscle, you must have calcium, sodium and potassium present together in the cell. Without these electrolytes present, in the appropriate ratios, muscle activity is affected. One of two things can happen. Poor electrolyte balance can lead to weak muscles or to muscles that contract too severely, as is the case with charley horses.

The heart, which is also a muscle, uses electrolytes to maintain the proper electrical current across cell membranes and to other cells. Improper electrolyte balance can do damage to the heart quickly when levels fluctuate out of normal range.

Electrolyte balances in the body, and subsequently the blood, are largely dependent upon the body's level of hydration. When we are dehydrated the body lacks sufficient water to distribute the electrolytes properly throughout the body.

The kidneys, along with several hormones, are charged with keeping the electrolytes constant. When the kidneys are not functioning properly, or we exercise and sweat excessively, we lose electrolytes. Sodium and potassium are the electrolytes most often lost this way.

Some of the causes of electrolyte imbalance include:
*Kidney disease
*Vomiting for prolonged periods including pregnancy (which can lead to dehydration)
*Severe dehydration (Be mindful of excessive heat waves as this may increase the severity of dehydration.)
*Acid/base (pH) imbalance
*Congestive heart failure
*Certain cancer treatments
*Some drugs, such as diuretics or ACE inhibitors. (These can reduce both sodium and potassium levels in the body.)
*Bulimia (eating and purging meals)

The symptoms of an electrolyte imbalance can manifest in many ways. The symptoms will depend upon which electrolyte is out of balance. It will also depend upon if the level is too low or too high.

*Irregular heartbeat
*Weakness of muscles throughout the whole body
*Bone disorders
*Twitching and/or numbness
*Blood pressure changes
*Confusion, fatigue, lethargy
*Certain nervous system disorders
The elderly are often more susceptible to electrolyte imbalances. They may be on more medications as well as having kidneys that are just not functioning as well as possible. The elderly also tend to be more dehydrated than the general population.

To continue to maintain good electrolyte balance when electrolytes have been lost, we need to replace them through dietary sources. Good news!! Fresh fruits and vegetables are great sources of electrolytes. Eating a variety of these foods daily ensures that we maintain good electrolyte balance. When there is a surplus of electrolytes, the kidney is conditioned to filter out the excess electrolytes to keep the body's balance within normal limits.

Sea MD

Product Overview

Anderson’s Concentrated Mineral Drops (CMD)™ is the original, all-natural, ionic, low-sodium, sea mineral formula from Utah's Great Salt Lake made using solar concentration (natural processes)
It contains the full spectrum of naturally occurring elements in at least trace amounts.
Anderson’s CMD is Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) and passes the safety test for heavy metals from the U.S. FCC.
The Andersons are the original inventors and harvesters of minerals and trace minerals from Utah’s Great Salt Lake.


Made with love and care from the Hartley Anderson family who did the research and invented trace mineral supplements from Utah's Great Salt Lake
Made using the Anderson family's traditional, all-natural, solar-evaporation process, which is energized by all four seasons and typically takes a full two years to produce
Naturally contains the full spectrum of naturally occurring elements in a balance natural to the body due to its sea source
Generally Recognized as Safe
Passes the U.S. Food Chemicals Codex's Heavy Metals Safety Test
Assayed for potency and purity by in-house and independent labs
Manufactured at an NSF,cGMP-certified facility
Kosher and Halal certified
Packaged in a premium cobalt-blue, recyclable glass bottle
Measured glass pipette dropper tip features incremental measurements for quick, accurate dosing
60-day supply in each bottle 


INGREDIENTS: frankincense carterii, frankincense frereana, frankincense serrata, opoponax myrrh, palo santo

AFFINITY FOR: digestive system, respiratory system, circulation, skin, cellular structure and strength, urinary tract, particular affinity for the earth, wood, and air meridians, crown and third eye chakras, integrity of the celtic grid (energy structure)

RESONANCE: physical, emotional, spiritual, mental

THERAPEUTIC PROPERTIES: anti-inflammatory, analgesic, immune stimulant, anti-oxidant, nervine, tonic, antidepressant, revitalizer, anti-arthritic, anti-tumoral

APPLICATION: LeAboutFace can be applied to any area of the body, used in the bath, and is very nice when diffused.

AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: LeAboutFace is an excellent choice whenever there is fear of upcoming changes, fear of death, or suffering from the loss of a loved one or a cherished dream.

EMOTIONAL / SPIRITUAL / MENTAL ASPECTS: As the name of this blend - LeAboutFace - implies, the blending of several varieties of frankincenses with palo santo can help us take a new direction in our lives, if a new direction is what is needed. This blend can help us link our past with our future goals, connecting cause and effect, actions and consequences, to one another. As we make these connections we are able to choose our future courses more wisely.

Frankincense essential oils have been highly valued for centuries and are still considered holy oils in the middle east. It is believed that the aroma of frankincense grounds and centers the spirit and improves communication with our Creator.

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: Frankincense essential oils have a reputation worldwide for crossing the blood/brain barrier, carrying oxygen and nutrients to the pineal and pituitary glands within the brain. Nourishing these structures of the brain has been shown to positively affect the progress of many nerve and brain related conditions, among them Parkinson's disease and multiple sclerosis. LeAboutFace contains essential oils which prevent collagen breakdown in cells and cellular structures and inhibit the production of pro-inflammatory mediators. This blend should be considered for arthritis and any inflammatory or brain related chronic conditions.

LeAboutFace is an excellent skin regeneration oil and is mild enough to be used on the face.


INGREDIENTS: angelica, cedarwood, fir, sage, spruce, ylang ylang

AFFINITY FOR: root/base chakra, solar plexus chakra, emotional balance

RESONANCE: spiritual, emotional

APPLICATION: LeConnection is very nice applied to the back of the neck, on the temples, or just about any where that you can imagine.

AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: LeConnection has a delightful aroma which is centering, grounding, and emotionally balancing. This is a good oil to diffuse or wear when life has become too crazy and overwhelming. This blend can assist us in rebuilding our confidence and faith in our ability to cope, even under these stressful circumstances.

EMOTIONAL / SPIRITUAL / MENTAL ASPECTS: LeConnection is designed for people who are characteristically over-enthusiastic and have unrealistic expectations of themselves, of others, or of life in general. This blend is helpful in moderating a tendency to make hasty decisions and choices. It is also of benefit to those who escape too often into their own fantasy world.

The spruce in this blend has an affinity for the solar plexus chakra. The solar plexus chakra connects us to divine energy and gives us balance and joy in our service to others. LeConnection is an excellent oil to use as part of a journal or prayer session. LeConnection can help us see where our perceptions have parted company with reality and truth. If we have been basing our decisions and behaviors on our mis-perceptions, this oil can help us make more appropriate decisions and behave in more appropriate ways.

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: The sage in this blend has an affinity for the pelvic area chakras and the organs contained in the pelvic region. This is an important thing to remember when trouble in these areas is connected to emotions and misperceptions.


INGREDIENTS: citronella, grapefruit, lemon, lemongrass, orange sweet, spearmint, tangerine

AFFINITY FOR: skin, muscles, bones

RESONANCE: physical, emotional

APPLICATION: LeSunburst can be used as a perfume or cologne and added to bath water. It is excellent added to the dish water, dishwasher, or laundry. LeSunburst makes an excellent oil for cleaning surfaces throughout the house.

AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: LeSunburst can be diffused to purify the air, remove odors, or just to enjoy a nice citrus aroma.

EMOTIONAL / SPIRITUAL / MENTAL ASPECTS: LeSunburst is a favorite among the citrus blends because it is relaxing and calming, especially for children. This blend promotes a sense of well-being and is an excellent remedy for insomnia. LeSunburst is not a sedative, however. It promotes restful sleep from which you wake in the morning feeling energetic and refreshed.

Some citrus oils have proven effective against eating disorders. Because of the variety of citrus oils contained in LeSunburst, it has been used in treatments for anorexia and bulimia.

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: LeSunburst is useful for circulatory problems, varicose veins, and lymphatic congestion. It is a powerful immune stimulant. When used as a cleaner, it retards the growth of mold and mildew. This is my personal favorite blend for use in the wash or in housecleaning. It always leaves behind a wonderful, uplifting, absolutely delightfully clean aroma.


(Cedrus deodora)

INGREDIENT IN: LeAngel, LeAway, LeConnection, LeExhilaration, LeGoodNite, LeIQ, LeKadence, LeMoonlight, LeRefreshMint, LeSanctuary

THERAPEUTIC PROPERTIES: antiseptic, tonic, antifungal, antiseborrheic, regenerative, astringent, diuretic, expectorant, fungicidal, stimulant to circulatory system but sedative to nervous system - this is a rare and powerful combination

AFFINITY FOR: urinary tract, spleen, pancreas, skin and scalp, lympahtic system, central vessel meridian, kidney meridian, heart meridian, spleen meridian, chakras & subtle bodies

RESONANCE: physical, emotional


PART UTILIZED: bark, wild crafted

EXTRACTION METHOD: steam distilled

APPLICATION: Dilute and apply to the feet or to the body.

AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: Cedarwood is an excellent oil for meditation and clarity of mind. It reduces tension and promotes restful sleep. The aroma of cedarwood can help us realize when we are being self-righteous, rigid, or dogmatic in our opinions.

EMOTIONAL / SPIRITUAL / MENTAL ASPECTS: Cedarwood was used traditionally by the Indian tribes of America to enhance spiritual communication. Like all conifer oils, cedarwood enhances feelings of security and protection. It helps us to feel, and return, the love of heaven. The aroma of cedarwood calms anger and relieves nervous tension. It quiets the mind that is going over and over the same details, analyzing and then analyzing again. Steadiness, integrity, and emotional stability are some of the great gifts of cedarwood oil.

Cedarwood strengthens the energy of the kidney meridian. Strength in this meridian gives us the will to stand firm when we have made a decision, even against persistent opposition. Cedarwood can give us strength in times of crisis as we stand strong, refusing to lose confidence or faith. This is an excellent oil to bolster us when we are going into strange or unfamiliar situations. Cedarwood oil has been shown effective in the treatment of ADHD because it stabilizes beta/theta waves.

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: Because it is mucolytic (dissolves mucous), cedarwood is useful for chest infections, asthma, and coughs. It it also soothing and healing to the skin, and especially, to the scalp. Cedarwood is often used for dandruff, hair loss, and psoriasis.

Cedarwood encourages lymphatic drainage and stimulates the breakdown of fat in the tissues. Mildly diuretic, cedarwood is used for cellulite and water retention. Decongestant, astringent, and anti-infective, cedarwood is useful for respiratory and urinary tract infections. Cedarwood is of benefit in any physical complaint where the underlying condition is coldness and dampness, physically or energetically. Valued as an insect repellent to be used around spices and other food items.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Cedarwood oil is very powerful at breaking up catarrh. This action of cedarwood oil is a fine example of the connections between the physical body and the more subtle (or energy) aspects of our systems. Just as surely as cedarwood will break up catarrh and phlegm in the physical body, it will remove the congestion and clutter that is clogging our minds and spirits.

CAUTIONS: Cedarwood should be avoided by pregnant women.


(Coriandrum sativum)


THERAPEUTIC PROPERTIES: analgesic, antioxidant, antispasmodic, digestive, carminative, revitalizing, stimulant, stomachic

AFFINITY FOR: nerves, circulation, digestive system, endocrine system, earth meridian, fire meridian, air meridian, water meridian

RESONANCE: physical, mental

PLANT FAMILY: Umbelliferae


EXTRACTION METHOD: steam distilled

APPLICATION: Cilantro should be diluted and applied as needed. It may also be diffused.

AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: Although they are made from very different parts of the plant, cilantro and coriander have similar aromas.

EMOTIONAL / SPIRITUAL / MENTAL ASPECTS: Cilantro is distilled from the leaves of the Coriandrum sativum plant; the seeds of this plant are distilled to obtain coriander essential oil. There are many similarities in these two oils, but the plant part used changes the focus of the therapeutic properties. This is particularly true in the emotional aspects. Essential oils derived from the leaf tend to be needed by people who focus outside themselves on the needs of others, often in such excess that it is to their own detriment. These oils can aid us in developing compassion and sympathy for others. Essential oils derived from seeds focus more on potential for personal growth. They can bring feelings of joy and satisfaction with ourselves and the circumstances of our lives.

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: Like coriander, which is distilled from the same plant, cilantro is both a gentle stimulant and a mild sedative. It can be used to raise energy levels and calm nerves, when stress or over-work has brought on a state of nervousness with fatigue. Cilantro's therapeutic properties make it a good addition to blends for the digestive system.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Recent research indicates that cilantro essential oil is highly effective at inhibiting the growth of some bacteria that are responsible for food borne illnesses. I find this study interesting, especially when I consider that cilantro has been used in cooking in warm climates for a very long time.

CAUTIONS: Cilantro is generally considered to be non-toxic and non-irritating, although it can be very potent in large doses. Like most essential oils, it is best used with judgement and moderation.

Juniper Berry

(Juniperus communis)

INGREDIENT IN: LeDreams, LeEnergy, LeEverlasting, LeInsideOut, LeMagi, LeReflections, LeRefreshMint, LeSynopsis, LeTendaCare, LeWhispering Hope

THERAPEUTIC PROPERTIES: antiseptic, diuretic, expectorant, emmenagogue, antiparasitic, tonic, depurative

AFFINITY FOR: digestive system, endocrine system, reproductive system, hormones, urinary tract, brow chakra, kidney meridian, yang energy

RESONANCE: physical, emotional



EXTRACTION METHOD: steam distilled

AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: Juniper berry is said to improve mental clarity and memory without undue stimulation to the nervous system. In fact, juniper berry essential oil is quite relaxing.

APPLICATION: Juniper berry oil should be diluted and applied to the feet, on the abdomen, or on the small of the back (over the kidneys).

EMOTIONAL / SPIRITUAL / MENTAL ASPECTS: Juniper berry essential oil is suited for people who fear growing up or growing older. The use of juniper berry essential oil is about maturing into wisdom; not just ordinary wisdom but wisdom with compassion. It is about cultivating an understanding of the continuity of life, coupled with a sense of humor. Juniper gives us a feeling of gratitude for the privilege to have learned from the experiences and lessons of life. Juniper berry helps to elevate spiritual awareness and reverence for sacred things. It can open the soul to direction by inspiration and religious principle.

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: Juniper berry improves circulation, particularly to the kidneys. It helps the body move fluids and toxins out of the cells and tissues. It is a useful remedy for fluid retention, cellulite, premenstrual bloating, gout, and arthritis.

It is said that juniper berry oil helps with nerve function and regeneration. Juniper berry can be a useful oil for the digestive system. It has a beneficial effect on the emotional and physical aspects of over-indulgence in food. Juniper essential oil is effective for acne, eczema, oily skin, psoriasis, and dandruff.

CAUTIONS: Use of juniper berry essential oil should be avoided during pregnancy. It should be used with caution on children. This oil is contra-indicated for people with kidney disease. This is a great oil to balance and strengthen kidney function and deal with kidney infections, but it is not to be used by people with kidney diseases.