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Le Angel Essential Oil Blend


LeAngel is specific for use in releasing traumatic memories connected to negative experiences of various kinds. LeAngel is helpful in relieving anxiety, and LeAngel is one of the best essential oil blends for stabilizing mood swings, especially in children.

Le Aspire Essential Oil Blend


LeAspire is used to bring relief from colds, bronchitis, pneumonia, sinusitis, respiratory congestion, allergies, deep pneumonia, pleurisy, asthma, and flu that have settled in the lungs. LeAspire also has antispasmodic properties which help to quiet dry, hacking coughs.

Le Purify Essential Oil Blend


LePurify kills odors, bacteria, molds, and fungus. It is an excellent oil for cleaning your home. LePurify purifies the air, neutralizes mildew, removes the smell of cigarette smoke and other noxious odors when diffused. It helps when applied to spider bites and insect stings.

Geranium Essential Oil


Geranium regenerates tissues and nerves. It is excellent for skin disorders and skin care. Geranium discharges toxins from the liver and dilates the bile ducts, aiding liver, gallbladder, and kidney function. Geranium fosters positive thought patterns.

Howood Essential Oil


Howood is a cellular stimulant and regenerator. Howood it is thought to be very nourishing and supportive to the immune system. Howood is an excellent oil for reducing inflammation, spasms, and pain in muscles and joints. It can be used effectively for injuries or arthritis.

Myrtle Essential Oil


Myrtle is strong and grounding. It is very anti-inflammatory and decongestant, makeing it useful for diarrhea, bladder infections, sinus infections, asthma, bronchitis, and chronic coughs. Myrtle regulates the functions of glands in the endocrine system.

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LeAmbition, LeCypernium, LeLifeForce,
Eucalyptus Blue Gum, Kunzea, Peppermint Black Mitcham

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August Month Specials
Save 10% on Hand Sanitizer
Hand Sanitizer
Hand Sanitizer now comes in an 8oz size!
This natural Hand Sanitizer is a great solution to the problem of commercial, chemical and alcohol hand sanitizers. The essential oils and witch hazel will kill both bacteria and viruses, and the essential oils will actually boost your immune system while leaving your body's natural balance of good bacteria alone. You can use this kind of hand sanitizer guilt free!
Save 10% on all 1oz Tinctures
Tinctures are herbs preserved in a liquid medium. Tinctures preserve the medicinal qualities of the herbs for long periods of time and are very convenient to use. Just add a few drops to water, no waiting for a tea to steep and no straining. Butterfly has over 280 tinctures!

August Sales
Save 15% on Le Exhilaration
LeExhilaration Essential Oil Blend
LeExhilaration is especially beneficial in those situations which appear hopeless and discouraging. LeExhilaration is also used to release emotional blocks and help us let go of negative feelings and perceptions. If your physical body has been strained or weakened by situations that are testing your courage and confidence, LeExhilaration can be of benefit to you.
Save 15% on Helichrysum Italicum
LeHelichrysum Italicum Essential Oil
Helichrysum is renowned for its use in rejuvenation of skin and muscle. It drains congestion and reestablishes blood flow to traumatized areas. Helichrysum regenerates damaged tissue and can help prevent scarring at the site of an injury. Helichrysum is recommended for lowering cholesterol. Helichrysum is anti-inflammatory and analgesic, making it excellent for sciatica and arthritis.

Save 10% on Achievement Kit
Achievement Kit
This kit is for students, teachers, athletes, or anyone needing a mental or emotional boost. Whether you are going to school, sending your kids to school, working, raising a family, going through a change in your life, or struggling with the changing of the seasons, this kit can help you and your family. It helps us be healthy, stay focused, and allows us to learn comfortably, making school fun, safe, and the best it can be for every student. It comes with sample bottles making it convenient to send oils to school with your kids, or keep in your purse or pocket.
Save 10% on Walnut Oil
Walnut Carrier Oil
Walnut is very high in linoleic acid and antioxidants. It is used to repair damaged or dry skin and to prevent wrinkles. It is best used as less than 15% of a carrier oil composite blend. Walnut oil contains an anti-oxidant, ellagic acid, which research—still in early stages—is reporting and showing an ability to detoxify several compounds that have been linked to the development of certain types of cancers. High anti-oxidant concentrations have been shown to help fight the signs of aging as well.