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Le Beloved Essential Oil Blend


LeBeloved is helpful in developing inner strength and fortitude. LeBeloved is of benefit when we are feeling over whelmed or must accept changes in our lives. LeBeloved has been of value with mood swings and panic attacks.

Le HeartSong Essential Oil Blend


LeHeartSong is of great benefit in treating depression. It is also useful in overcoming grief and trauma. LeHeartSong is also helpful in stabilizing mood swings, relieving stress and tension, and helping one to relax.

Le Patches Essential Oil Blend


LePatches was designed for the repair and healing of damaged tissues, tendons, and ligaments. LePatches should be used for sports and other injuries, muscle spasms, torn ligaments and tendons, bruises, and bursitis.

Litsea Cubeba Essential Oil

Litsea Cubeba

Litsea Cubeba is useful for high blood pressure and other disorders that have been brought on by nervousness, fear, or stress. It is a good oil for thetreatment of acne, dermatitis, and oily or discolored skin.

Parsley Essential Oil


Parsley helps clear bruises and repair broken blood vessels and capillaries. Parsley is useful in repairing damaged skin and reducing cellulite. Parsley has a toning and diuretic effect on the urinary tract.

Spruce Essential Oil


The analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of spruce make it beneficial for bone pain, aching joints, arthritis, and sciatica. Spruce is an excellent oil for the respiratory and endocrine systems, especially the thyroid gland.

6 Oil Monthly Special
6 Oil Monthly Special Video

LeCrystal Clear, LeDeeper, LeQuiet Essence,
Rosemary Cineole, Grapefruit Pink, Ginger

February Sales
Time To Realize Kit
Time to Realize Kit

This kit includes oils to help you and your Valentine take some time together and REALIZE the potential your relationship has. LeSego Lily promotes feelings of being loved and appreciated. Its aroma inspires us to show love and appreciation to others. LeWeightless lightens the weight of our own negativity and helps relieve stress. LeWeightless helps the mind to function more clearly and quickly. LeWeightless also increases metabolism. LeAmbition cultivates a feeling of self worth, calming the spirit, opening the mind, and removing negativity and hesitation. It helps us deal with fear of failure and fear of making decisions. LeAmbition balances the yin/yang energies, and promotes the ability to move forward in achieving one's goals. These oils are great in the tub for some me/us time or can be diffused or worn as a perfume.

This kit also includes a white bath sponge and a 1oz LeAgeless Shave Oil. LeAgeless Shave Oil can be used instead of shaving cream for a soothing moisturizing shave. It is healing and regenerating to the skin, helping to repair damage and develop or maintain beautiful, healthy skin.

Time to Restore Kit
Time to Restore Kit

Do you and your Valentine need some time to rebalance and RESTORE? This kit includes oils to help you do just that. LeConnection has a delightful aroma which is centering, grounding, and emotionally balancing. This is a good oil when life has become too crazy and overwhelming. LeFortitude is both physically and emotionally healing. LeFortitude can help us deal with stress and anxiety, and help us find emotional stability. LeFortitude has amazing muscle relaxing, pain relieving, and anti-inflammatory properties. LeRevitalize increases mental alertness and alleviates mental fatigue. It is a great blend for replenishing inner stores of strength and increasing stamina. LeRevitalize also gently cleanses the liver. These are great bath oils and they can also be used topically or diffused.

This kit also includes a black bath sponge and a 1oz LeAboutFace Shave Oil. LeAboutFace Shave Oil can be used instead of shaving cream for a soothing, moisturizing shave. LeAboutFace regenerates skin, promotes the production of healthy cells, helps eliminate sun spots, and tones and tightens the skin.

February New Items

February Month Specials
Save 15% on all Salves
Herbal salves are wonderful things! They are convenient to use and very powerful. Salves are made with a combination of herbs, carrier oils, and a solidifier like beeswax. We have four different salves, each is made with different herbs and have their own therapeutic uses. They are very beneficial used on their own and salves can also be used as a carrier oil for your essential oils. A good example of this is using Miracle Salve and Lavender on a burn, or using BHM Salve to apply an oil like Patches to a torn muscle.
Save 15% on Herbs
Herbs feed the body, much like our food should but often doesn’t. They aid the body’s natural healing processes by providing essential nutrients. Herbs can be of value for every body system and cell. Nature has provided us with herbs that benefit the nervous system, immune system, respiratory system, muscular system, and digestive system. The properties of each plant target specific areas and functions of the body and accomplish very specific tasks. Herbs can and should be used every day for their nutritional value, not just when there is a problem. Check out our YouTube Channel for helpful videos on how to make herbal preparations.

February Sales
Save 15% on Le Expressions
LeExpressions Essential Oil Blend
LeExpressions contains many of the highest frequency spiritually, emotionally, and mentally balancing and healing essential oils. This oil is used to enhance communication and connection in romantic relationships, and is most definitely an aphrodisiac. LeExpressions is an excellent oil for hormone balancing and the emotional problems associated with PMS. It can be used for skin care, to minimize and reduce stretch marks, and to reduce scarring.
Save 15% on Tonka Bean
LeTonka Bean Essential Oil Single
The aroma of tonka bean is very sweet, rich, sensual and vanilla-esque with caramel notes. Tonka Bean is a natural aphrodisiac. Tonka Bean is used to treating ear aches, coughs, lung congestion, asthma, and for treating cuts, bruises, rheumatism, and even snake bites. The active ingredient in Tonka Bean essential oil is coumarin which is a blood thinner and is used to prevent blood clotting.

Save 10% on Mullein Carrier Oil
Mullein Carrier Oil
Mullein has been used for centuries because of its outstanding medicinal properties. Mullein is an herb for respiratory conditions and is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-spasmodic. Mullein Oil, should be used when applying oils to the chest for infections, coughs, and congestion. It can also be of benefit as a carrier oil when working with inflammation and pain.
Reset Plus Kit
Reset Plus Kit
Most of you are familiar with the Reset Kit that contains the 4 tinctures (CD, KB, LC, RC) used in a cleanse. Now you can take your cleanse up a notch with the Reset Plus Kit! It still contains the 4 tinctures in the Reset Kit, as well as Redmond Clay, LeIQ essential oil, LeRevitalize essential oil, and a 2oz Coconut Oil. Check out the chapter Doing a Cleanse Right from the Herbal Remedies book for more information on how to use this kit.