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Article: Finding Peace with Food
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Health Tip: Ginger - A Perfect Oil for January
Ginger is for the usually dynamic individual who has lost drive and ambition and has become apathetic and confused. Ginger insists on burning away illusions and mis-perceptions and replacing them with clarity and vision. Ginger insists that we take the initiative and be willing to tackle and complete the hard tasks facing us in our life. The aroma of ginger strengthens our will power, activates initiative and restores our determination. It can boost our confidence in ourselves and give us additional vitality and ambition.

Ginger warms the body and the soul, helping one to tap into hidden reserves of energy. Ginger has been widely recognized since ancient times as being toning and stimulating to the digestive tract and for circulation. Because it increases capillary strength and circulation, it is of benefit to a long list of physical as well as mental complaints. Ginger seems to be an oil that is well-suited to use during the fall and winter months because of its warming properties.

Ginger is extremely potent - almost caustic. Undiluted or used too often, it may irritate sensitive skin. Ginger is phototoxic - really! You must avoid direct sunlight on skin to which it has been applied for about 12 hours. Never use more than 1 drop in a bath. Ginger opens the capillaries so quickly that a severe headache can result if more than a single drop is used.
Finding Peace with Food
By Angie Christensen
Welcome to the New Year! This is the time that we tend to commit to improving our health. We sincerely want to eat better and feel better, but it rarely turns out well. Why? Each January you will be inundated by theories, plans, diets, detoxes, and exercise programs promising you the health you seek. But if you look closely, none of these approaches agree. Many of them tell you to do the exact opposite of others. This month you will see the health world create such mass panic, overwhelm, and confusion that most people will have given up on their health goals all together by February.

I want to assure you that there is another option. There is a way to find both health and peace with food. It comes from getting past all the debates, opinions, and studies and instead building our food choices on a foundation of unchanging truth that is adaptable to each of our unique needs.

In my 15 years of studying nutrition, I sifted through all the conflicting opinions and found that there are 4 cornerstones of truth about food that have held true over thousands of years and multitudes of countries and cultures. They allow you to quickly and easily evaluate every food decision and know if it will help you build the strong, energetic, resilient body you were created to have. I call this approach Simply Divine Eating because it is simple and based on divinely designed truths. Today I want to share just a brief introduction to these 4 cornerstones and how you can use them to get past all the debates and find lasting health.
Eat What God/Nature Created
Pure food, created by God, in the form created by God, has a very high frequency and our bodies resonate with it in a positive way. After all, they were created by the Creator, just as we are. And the Creator is the one who knows what His creations need to work best.

Think of your car. It is designed to run on gas. It needs a specific percentage of octane and other ingredients to run well, and the manufacturer knows what that ideal fuel is. If you ignore the owner?s manual and put grape juice in, you?re going to be grounded. But on the other hand, if you put in gas that hasn?t been processed and formulated correctly, you?re still going to have a problem, but it will take a little longer to show up because the damage is more subtle as the sub-par fuel starts to inflict damage on one part of the engine after another and the internal parts will start to fail.

Our bodies follow the same principle. Almost all of us are living with organs and systems that don?t function correctly because our body is running on (and even constructed from) faulty ingredients. Just like a car, this leads us to a cycle of continually repairing parts, when the real problem is the faulty fuel.

Your body is the world?s most complicated and amazing puzzle. Every food that we eat has a specific shape that fits in a specific slot to activate a specific function in our bodies. When we change those shapes, such as with synthetic chemicals, dyes, and preservatives, they don?t quite fit, and it causes natural body processes to go haywire. One example of this is artificial sugars. They might not have any calories, but the different chemical structure changes how your body processes the hormone leptin, leading to weight gain and diabetes.

The first and most important step any of us can take toward greater health is to never eat any food without stopping to find out all the ingredients of what we are eating. Only then do we have the information to choose the natural fuel that is a divine match for our divine bodies. So many polluted ingredients are sneaking into our food, like in so-called ?healthy? snack bars and protein shakes. The other most overlooked place where this constantly sabotages our health is at restaurants. They don?t display ingredient lists for a reason. Even non-fast food is full of contaminated fuel, especially in salad dressings. But if we start to look closely at what we are eating, we can take back control and choose to eat only the food God created. Then improvements in our health are guaranteed.
Eat it in the Form God or Nature Created
Things in their natural state will be the best match for our bodies. That is simply trusting the wisdom of the system. Heat, chemicals, processing, etc. all change the chemical and vibrational state of food. Apples are a powerful example of this principle. A whole apple contains all the components your body needs to process that food in a life-promoting way. But when we process that apple into apple juice, it changes the whole biological process and dumps so much fructose into our liver that it causes as much liver damage as a glass of beer! Think of that! We are feeding our kids juice to try to be healthy and yet this is a key contributor to the rise of fatty liver disease in children. Our bodies need food in its whole form. And though we don?t need to eat 100% raw food, we do need 50+% raw food at every meal for our digestive system to be able to do its job well. There are so many areas where this cornerstone brings clarity. So the second most important step we can take is to eat food in as close to its natural form as we can, and we will know without any more debates that it will support health.
Eat it in the Quantities the System Provides
There is nothing more debated in the world of nutrition than how much to eat of a certain food. This cornerstone cuts through those debates in a second. The natural food system is set up to perfectly balance our foods for us. If there is something that should be a foundational part of our diet, it will be relatively easy to grow or obtain in the natural environment. And on the flip side, if there is something that is supposed to be sparse in our diet, it will be hard to grow or obtain in large quantities in the natural environment. The Earth is so brilliantly created that it adapts this for different climates and even different times of the year. In the Simply Divine Eating program, we even go into all the amazing details of how this principle gets to the bottom of the heated debates between Paleo and vegetarian diets and even makes us stop and take a closer look at the wisdom of green smoothies!
Eat by the Sweat of our Brow
Something has happened in the last century in our culture that has been so sneaky and so sly and so gradual that, until recently, we hadn?t noticed what we had lost. We have been through an almost silent takeover where the control over food has moved away from individuals into the hands of big companies. The most sobering part of all of this is that they have done it without us noticing or even objecting, because they knew they could get us to follow blindly along, like children to the pied piper, by waving the flag of convenience.

I started looking back to all the things I have learned over the years about nutrition and saw how all of the nutritional problems in our society have come from trying to separate eating from effort. I asked myself, would diabetes, heart disease, obesity and a host of other diseases exist if when we were hungry we had to stop and gather or prepare real food the way the system has designed it to work?

Stop and think about the natural environment before grocery stores. In that environment, there is no way to eat without effort, though sometimes that effort might be as simple as locating and picking a piece of fruit. It might only take a minute. But never does the Earth walk up to you and hand you dinner. Literally, never. Not once and a while to give us a break. Not when we?re sick or burned out or tired. Never! Recognize the significance of this because it is a pattern to teach us. Reinvesting our own effort in our eating solves more problems in one swoop than any other thing. It allows us to live the other 3 cornerstones by returning us to natural food in its natural form and natural amounts without even having to think about it. It also strengthens family ties and relationships.

This effort doesn?t make cooking miserable, it makes it meaningful! It gives you a perspective that can make something that once seemed mundane become joyful! Next to parenthood, there is nothing physical that we can do that has more power to build life in ourselves and in others in a way that actually changes what kind of life we have than with food! When we feed someone, we are building the very cells of their body. We are either giving them ingredients that strengthen and build their brain, their immune system, their heart and lungs, or ones that leave them weakened physically, emotionally, and sometimes even spiritually. This is one of our greatest opportunities, it is not a burden!

To reconnect to the power of this principle, you don?t need to be a gourmet chef. You don?t even need to love cooking. Some of the healthiest meals are the simplest. It is about recognizing and reclaiming its power and making food a real priority. The fact that we get hungry every few hours shows us that God wanted food preparation to be a high priority and a substantial part of every day of our lives.
These 4 cornerstones give you the power to start looking at food in a whole new way. Next time you see an email, a news report, or a magazine article touting a new diet or condemning a food, ask yourself:

1. Is the food a pure, natural creation?

2. Is it in as close to the form that it was created as possible?

3. Do the recommended quantities match what the system was designed to provide for me?

4. Am I involving effort, or am I relinquishing that control to someone else? The answers to these questions will always help you find food that is a divine match for your divine body. They will efficiently eliminate the foods that will weaken your body. And as you learn to listen to your own body, you will be able to refine that even further to meet your unique needs.

If you would like to see how powerfully these cornerstones apply to all the details of fats, sugar, carbohydrates, proteins, and eating to heal your gut, check out www.simplydivineeating.com. The program will walk you through the process, one step at a time, so that you will become an expert on your own body and will be able to know exactly what your body needs to eat to enjoy your ultimate health. No debates or diets, now or ever again! Just for Butterfly Express customers we are offering a discounted price. Just enter the coupon code ?butterfly? and save 40%! This month you can get the entire 6 month program, including audio classes, E-book, recipes, shopping guides, study guides and more for $197.



INGREDIENTS: frankincense, helichrysum, lavender, litsea cubeba, opoponax myrrh, palmarosa, rose, sandalwood, zanthoxylum

AFFINITY FOR: nervous system, lymphatic system, immune system, circulatory system, skin, yin energy, heart chakra, earth meridian, cellular structure and strength

RESONANCE: physical, emotional

APPLICATION: LeAgeLess should be applied to the skin of the face, neck, hands, and arms (and anywhere else you would like). A carrier oil containing 10% of jojoba can bring a little extra emollient value to this blend.

AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: The intent of this blend is to create feelings of contentment and confidence while nourishing and protecting the skin.

EMOTIONAL / SPIRITUAL / MENTAL ASPECTS: LeAgeLess is a wonderfully synergistic and beautifully aromatic blend of essential oils with mood elevating and confidence building properties. Designed to foster within us both a vision of ourselves as accepted and acceptable and a readiness, always, to become even better. We can welcome change, moving forward with joy into the truly golden years, whichever years they are, of our lives. Maturity, done gracefully, comes with wisdom and profound feelings of joy.

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: LeAgeLess is made from nine essential oils, each one bringing its unique healing and regenerating properties to this astonishing blend. This combination of essential oils assists in maintaining or developing beautiful and healthy skin one cell at a time. Some of the oils in this blend prevent free radical damage. Others are useful in repairing damage caused by wind and sun. Daily use of this blend can be helpful in strengthening fragile capillaries and bringing a healthy, radiant glow to the skin.



INGREDIENTS: bay, black pepper, cinnamon bark, clove, juniper berry, lemongrass, nutmeg, pine, rosemary, thyme

AFFINITY FOR: endocrine system, heart chakra, hormone balancing, solar plexus chakra

RESONANCE: physical, emotional, spiritual

APPLICATION: LeEnergy must be diluted well before applying to the skin. It should be applied over the thyroid, kidneys, liver, pancreas, or any gland that is struggling. LeEnergy may also be applied, diluted, to the feet and is an energizing massage oil. For massage, be sure to dilute very well.

AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: Blends with a cinnamon should be diffused and inhaled with caution; cinnamon can burn the sensitive tissues of the nostrils if care is not taken.

EMOTIONAL / SPIRITUAL / MENTAL ASPECTS: LeEnergy can aid us in making decisions and taking responsibility for our own lives and actions. It moderates our need for the attention and approval of others. Sometimes, in our zeal to keep those around us safe and happy, we have a tendency to become overly controlling. LeEnergy can help us temper these tendencies with a dose of reality. Energy in the solar plexus chakra manifests as vitality and radiance. When we are balanced and energized here, we have such a giving spirit that we are almost magnetically attractive to other people. We will be very much liked and loved by all, and we will be more effective in our parental and leadership roles.

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: LeEnergy increases circulation, strengthens the adrenal glands, improves energy levels and mental alertness naturally without the side effects of drugs. This blend also balances the mechanical and electrical functions of the heart.




INGREDIENTS: basil, grapefruit, green pepper, lemon, lime, sage

AFFINITY FOR: digestive system, emotional balance, metabolism

RESONANCE: physical, emotional

APPLICATION: LeWeightless is pleasant diffused, where it will eliminate odors and kill bacteria while being enjoyed for its emotional properties. LeWeightless can be used in the bath; be careful to use only 2 or 3 drops. An excellent essential oil blend for a full body massage. Be sure to dilute well.

AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: The aroma of LeWeightless is uplifting. It stimulates positive and creative thinking.

EMOTIONALl/PHYSICAL ASPECTS: This delightful blend is designed to function on both the physical and emotional planes, even more than is usual for essential oils. LeWeightless increases metabolism, especially fat burning, and helps to dissolve cellulite. It is a lymph drainer and blood purifier and can be helpful with acne. Emotionally it lightens the weight of our own negativity which is so often the trigger for "binge" eating or junk food consumption. LeWeightless is used in programs for eating disorders such as anorexia.

LeWeightless relieves stress, but it takes a minute. If you can remember to reach for the LeWeightless when you are craving that chocolate bar, then exercise a little self-control for a moment or two, you may find that you move on to something else in your life and the chocolate loses its allure!! This blend also has an effect on the mind, helping it to function more clearly and quickly.



(Citrus paradisi)


INGREDIENT IN: LeEverlasting, LeHeartSong, LeIntention, LeLiteN, LeMyGraine, LeSego Lily, LeSunburst, LeWakeUp, LeWeightless, LePurify

THERAPEUTIC PROPERTIES: tonic, digestive, antiseptic, anti-infective, restorative

AFFINITY FOR: urinary tract, lymphatic system, triple warmer meridian, spleen meridian, heart chakra

RESONANCE: physical, emotional, mental




AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: Grapefruit is uplifting to the mind and spirit. It is hard to be negative or anxious in the presence of this oil, because it promotes feelings of joy, confidence, and spontaneity. Grapefruit should be diffused or inhaled for performance stress or to cope with jet lag.

APPLICATION: Grapefruit should be diluted and applied to the feet or to areas of the body needing to release emotions, cellulite, or both.

EMOTIONAL / SPIRITUAL / MENTAL ASPECTS: Grapefruit is a very joyous and positive essential oil. It can be a ray of bright light guiding us out of darkness and depression. Grapefruit is equally good for mental exhaustion and mental tension. Grapefruit seems to address the emotional issues of self-worth and discontent with one's body that are so often a part of anorexia and other eating disorders.

The aroma of grapefruit is particularly suited to people who, when tense or under pressure, eat as a means of relieving stress or finding comfort. Often, the driving emotion is frustration because their too high expectations have not been met in some way. If they reacted to their frustration with anger or blame of themselves or others, a layer of guilt is added to the frustration. Grapefruit is used in treatment programs for drug withdrawal and to cope with the after-effects of drinking too many alcoholic beverages.

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: Grapefruit detoxifies the lymphatic system. This makes it a useful tonic for many body systems. It is specific for water retention and the dissolving of cellulite. Grapefruit aids with gallstones, water retention, and kidney and liver disorders. Grapefruit, diluted in water, can be used as an astringent face wash for acne. Grapefruit can relieve a migraine headache and return the energy system to normal after long jet flights. Grapefruit is one of the best oils for premenstrual water retention and headache.

CAUTIONS: Grapefruit is photo-toxic. It is recommended by some experts that you avoid exposing areas of skin to which grapefruit has been applied to sunlight or UV rays for at least 12 hours.


Pepper Black

(Piper nigrum)



THERAPEUTIC PROPERTIES: analgesic, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, anti-catarrhal, expectorant, tonic, febrifuge, digestive, rubefacient, diuretic, laxative

AFFINITY FOR: nerves, circulation, digestion, endocrine system, pericardium meridian, root and solar plexus chakras, yang energy

RESONANCE: physical, emotional, mental

PLANT FAMILY: Piperaceae


EXTRACTION METHOD: steam distilled

APPLICATION: Black pepper should always be carefully diluted. It is beneficial when applied to the feet and to areas of pain or poor circulation.

AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: Black pepper essential oil should be diffused carefully because it is quite pungent. Black pepper contains a significant amount of sesquiterpenes. There are more sesquiterpenes in black pepper than there are in frankincense.

EMOTIONAL / SPIRITUAL / MENTAL ASPECTS: The responsibility of the pericardium meridian is to protect the heart and emotions. Black pepper has an energizing effect on this meridian, stimulating our inner defenses. This inner strength gives us protection from negative energy, and keeps our energy intact and strong. Black pepper helps us keep our perspective clear, even when those around us are mired in negativity and predicting "the worst" possible scenarios. Black pepper can help us be more realistic in our expectations of others, and more empathetic to their struggles and pain.

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: Black pepper gives a boost to the immune system. It helps maintain stamina and energy because it increases cellular oxygen levels. Black pepper is analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antispasmodic. It is a good oil to use for improving muscle tone and recovering from sprains or sports injuries. Black pepper strengthens the nervous system and stimulates the endocrine glands.

CAUTIONS: Black pepper can cause mild irritation to sensitive skin. This is definitely a "warming" oil.


Tea Tree

(Melaleuca alternifolia)


THERAPEUTIC PROPERTIES: antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic, antiviral, immune stimulant, antibiotic, antiparasitic, vulnerary, anti-inflammatory, expectorant, decongestant, analgesic

AFFINITY FOR: tissue and skin, brow and sacral chakra, metal and fire elements

RESONANCE: physical, emotional



EXTRACTION METHOD: steam distilled

AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: Tea tree is a very strong and pungent oil. It is very effective in killing airborne bacteria.

APPLICATION: Tea tree should be diluted before applying to the skin except in the case of insect bites, where it is best applied undiluted.

EMOTIONAL / SPIRITUAL / MENTAL ASPECTS: The aroma of tea tree can help us replace a victim mentality with a desire to understand why events and circumstances happened as they did. Tea tree can be used to bring both tolerance and growth into our lives. Tea tree starts the process of spiritual and emotional cleansing. It can help us turn toward the positive and find refreshment for our spirit. The aroma of tea tree essential oil has the feel of a good friend who has come to help us "clean house". The cleaning up and throwing out will be good for us and will be far less painful than we have imagined it would be.

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: Tea tree essential oil is effective against some of the nastiest microbes on the planet. Tea tree can prevent sepsis in wounds and it (or something else effective) should be used to treat wounds, boils, sores, cuts, insect bites, and stings. The only way to kill a virus is to weaken or rupture its protective shell called a cyst. Tea tree oil has been shown effective in this capacity, which greatly shortens the duration of viral infections. Tea tree is also a mild tissue regenerator, making it a sensible choice for rashes, nail or skin fungal infections, wounds, cold sores, acne, athlete's foot, ringworm, head lice, vaginal thrush (dilute very well here), and candida.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Tea tree has been in use as an antiseptic for centuries. It was used by soldiers and sailors in World War II in the treatment of tropical infections.