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Save 15% on January Oils
Le Balance Essential Oil Blend


LeBalance is a great oil for supporting the endocrine system and balancing hormones in both men and women. LeBalance often brings quick relief from the symptoms of menopause and should be used by women age 45 and older.
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Le Sanctuary Essential Oil Blend


LeSanctuary is a very high frequency oil. LeSanctuary promotes feelings of protection and safety. LeSanctuary brings all of the chakras into harmony with each other, balancing the energy cohesively between them.
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Simplicity Essential Oil Blend


LeSimplicity is a blend of potent antiviral oils which target the HSV-1 and 2 (Herpes Simplex) viruses. This blend is designed to kill the viruses at the areas of outbreak, then follow the virus along the nerves to kill it at the source.
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Anise Essential Oil

Anise Seed

Anise is antispasmodic, making it effective for menstrual pain and stomach cramps. Because it is both a bronchial dilator and expectorant, Anise is used for asthma and respiratory conditions that include phlegm and mucus.
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Arborvitae Essential Oil


Arborvitae (thuja) can be used to help such conditions as bronchitis, bacterial skin infections, and cold sores. Arborvitae promotes clear, healthy skin, and when rubbed in the joints helps joint pain, osteoarthritis, and muscle pain.
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Cajeput Essential Oil


Cajeput is extremely effective against all types of infections, whether in the kidney, colon, lungs, throat, or any other body system. It is used for arthritis, stiff joints and muscles, bronchitis and pneumonia, sinusitis and hay fever.
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January Collections
Save 10% on all 1oz Tinctures
All 1oz Tinctures
Tinctures are herbs preserved in a liquid medium. Tinctures preserve the medicinal qualities of the herbs for long periods of time and are very convenient to use. Just add a few drops to water, no waiting for a tea to steep and no straining.
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Save 10% All Supplements
The whole supplement line is on sale! Including B vitamins, BeePollen, Calcium & Magnesium, Candida Support, Cranberry Capsules, Digestive Enzymes, Electrolytes, Vitamin E, Garlic Extract, L-Lysine, Liquid Chlorophyll, Ocu Support for eye health, Plant Enzymes, Prenatals, Probiotics, Mineral drops, Antioxidants, Omegas, and Vitamin D.
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January Sales
Save 15% on Le Baby Me
LeBaby Me Essential Oil Blend
LeBaby Me contains ingredients which increase skin elasticity, retard wrinkles, enhance skin tone and remove scaly patches. This blend is also used to reduce or prevent stretch marks during and after a pregnancy. The oils in this blend were chosen for their cell regenerating properties. This blend has an affinity for the endocrine organs, particularly in stabilizing low blood sugar. LeBaby Me is a special combination for mothers, expectant and otherwise, and for babies of all ages.
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Save 15% on Angelica
LeAngelica Essential Oil Single
Angelica is often called the "oil of angels". Angelica seems to weaken the power of traumatic memories and events. Angelica releases toxins and congestion from the liver. Physically, a toxic liver produces headaches, muscle aches, fatigue, dry hair and skin, poor circulation, and respiratory problems. A liver clogged by toxic emotions creates feelings of displacement, annoyance, resentment, anger, and discontentment. The use of Angelica is also appropriate for anorexia, bruises, colds, colic, coughs, flatulence, indigestion, menopause, pre-menstrual tension, and arthritis.
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Avocado Virgin Carrier Oil
Avocado Virgin Carrier Oils
Virgin Avocado Oil has a strong nutty smell and is a dark green. Avocado Oil penetrates deeply into the skin. It is rich in vitamins A, D, and E, all wonderful skin nourishing vitamins. Like all good carrier oils, Avocado contains oleic and linoleic acids. Avocado Oil is excellent for use with dry or aging skin, with eczema or psoriasis, and for sun or wind damaged skin. Avocado Oil is said to be useful as a carrier when using essential oils for joint and muscle inflammation and pain. Avocado Oil is quite light and absorbs reasonably quickly so it sometimes used by itself on particularly damaged skin patches. Generally, however, it is used as a percentage in a carrier oil mixture.
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Reset Plus Kit
Reset Plus Kit
Most of you are familiar with the Reset Kit that contains the 4 tinctures (CD, KB, LC, RC) used in a cleanse. Now you can take your cleanse up a notch with the Reset Plus Kit! It still contains the 4 tinctures in the Reset Kit, as well as Redmond Clay, LeIQ essential oil, LeRevitalize essential oil, and a 2oz Coconut Oil. Check out the chapter Doing a Cleanse Right from the Herbal Remedies book for more information on how to use this kit.
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Oil">INGREDIENTS: bergamot, frankincense, geranium, melissa blend, neroli, palmarosa, rosewood, sandalwood

AFFINITY FOR: nervous system, liver, liver meridian, heart chakra, throat chakra, sacral chakra

RESONANCE: physical, emotional, spiritual

APPLICATION: LeAcknowledge should be applied over the liver when the liver is toxic and the mind and emotions are sluggish or slow. Other particularly effective places for application are behind the ears, on the face, neck, thymus, or wrists. I especially like applying oils to the wrists because I frequently wave my wrists in front of my face for one reason or another.

AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: This blend has a pleasant enough aroma to be worn as a perfume and is especially nice used in a bath when one is feeling overwhelmed or discouraged by life. The aroma of this blend can promote feelings of calmness, courage, and increased self-confidence.

EMOTIONAL / SPIRITUAL / MENTAL ASPECTS: LeAcknowledge nourishes and strengthens the nervous system, helping to quiet feelings of fear and discouragement. Another benefit of this blend is in enabling us to see the "reality" of life or health situations. Accepting what will be or will not be in our lives can allow us to move forward with healing and peace instead of discouragement and despair. Recognizing what it is that we are feeling, and knowing that it is acceptable to feel that way for the moment, often allows us to move through that feeling and move on with our lives.

LeAcknowledge may also give us increased confidence in social situations and enhanced creativity in our attitudes and skills. One aspect of this blend concerns a better balance in attitudes and desires in sexual matters. LeAcknowledge is also one of the great oils for depression.

Because it balances the heart and sacral chakras, LeAcknowledge can help us recognize and accept the love and sympathy that people around us are trying to express. For those of us with very independent natures, it may help us with the ability to let others be of service to us. Increased balance in the throat chakra allows us to express our own feelings and needs and to express feelings of appreciation and gratitude for the services we receive.

Balance in these areas may also bring relief from feelings of frustration, self-pity, insecurity, hopelessness, inadequacy, and feeling that we are being overwhelmed by the responsibilities of our lives. This allows us to feel enthusiasm for new things and to expect to find joy and abundance in our lives.

LeAcknowledge, like LeBountiful, may change the way that we feel toward material possessions, making us both more appreciative of them and less focused on their acquisition.

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: Because LeAcknowledge has a cleansing effect on the liver it may be useful for allergies and other mild immune system dysfunctions. Any ailment that has anger as an underlying emotional component, which many physical ailments do, would benefit from the use of LeAcknowledge. Kidney and bladder problems such as frequent infections and cystitis, with their emotional connection to fear and feelings of inadequacy, often respond favorably to this blend. The use of this essential oil blend may not only relieve the discomfort of the moment, but will also help lessen the likelihood and frequency of future attacks. LeAcknowledge is an excellent oil when applied as a deodorant and is considered a mild hormone balancer.

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