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Angel Essential Oil Blend Angel Essential Oil Blend
Bergamot Essential Oil Single Bergamot Essential Oil Single
Believe Essential Oil Blend Believe Essential Oil Blend
Celery Seed Essential Oil Single Celery Seed Essential Oil Single
Weightless Essential Oil Blend Weightless Essential Oil Blend
Geranium Essential Oil Single Geranium Essential Oil Single

LeAngel is specific for use in releasing traumatic memories connected to negative experiences of various kinds.

Bergamot encourages the release of anger and pain that is being held back or held deeply in the body.

LeBelieve aids in learning to love oneself and achieve a sense of inner peace. Such changes bring us more confidence in ourselves.

Celery Seed helps to release toxins from the blood and aids in liver decongestion and jaundice.

LeWeightless is used in programs for eating disorders. It increases metabolism, especially fat burning, and helps to dissolve cellulite.

Geranium is a good oil for nervous fatigue where the body is exhausted but the mind just won't let the body sit and rest.

Learn more about these amazing oils in the Butterfly Expressions Blog

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