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Le Connection Essential Oil Blend


LeConnection has a delightful aroma which is centering, grounding, and emotionally balancing. This is a good oil to diffuse or wear when life has become too crazy and overwhelming. LeConnection can assist us in rebuilding our confidence and faith in our ability to cope, even under these stressful circumstances.

Le Eternity Essential Oil Blend


LeEternity has powerful anti-oxidant properties. It enhances vitamin and mineral absorption for the overall improvement of health and vitality. LeEternity helps the body absorb calcium, which helps prevent such things as osteoporosis. The aroma of LeEternity balances energy and improves mood and mental outlook.

Le Seasons Essential Oil Blend


LeSeasons is amazing for clearing out the sinuses and for relieving a sinus headache. This blend should be used for colds, allergies, sinus congestion, and sinus headaches. LeSeasons is a stimulating blend and can bring a renewed sense of energy. LeSeasons should be diluted and applied to the sinus areas, chest, or the feet.

Orange Bitter Essential Oil

Orange Bitter

Orange Bitter comes from the tree that we get Petitgrain and Neroli essential oils from. Similar in smell to Orange Sweet, Orange Bitter has an underlying tartness reminiscent of Grapefruit. Orange Bitter is used to promote weight loss, curb the appetite and dissolve cellulite. Orange Bitter is an effective treatment for depression.

Spanish Sage Essential Oil

Spanish Sage

One of the outstanding characteristics of Spanish Sage is its affect on the brain and nervous system, improving memory, mental acuity, and helping treat Alzheimer's and other memory disorders. Spanish Sage acts as a stimulant to the liver, adrenals, and circulation. Spanish Sage has some beautiful Lavender undertones.

White Pepper Essential Oil

White Pepper

White Pepper is beneficial for muscular aches and pains, osteoporosis, and sprains. It can be helpful for rheumatism as well as rheumatoid arthritis. White Pepper can stimulate the circulatory system to function more appropriately. It is said to be energizing to the mind, and invigorating as well as revitalizing the spirit.

6 Oil Monthly Special
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LeGoodNite, LeIntention, LeJourney,
Ajowan, Petitgrain, Rosalina

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Summer Specials
Save 10% on BeGone 1oz Spray and BeGone Soap
LeBeGone 1oz Spray & LeBeGone Soap
LeBeGone was designed to help prevent insect and tick bites. Each of the single oils in this blend are among the best at repelling insects. Use LeBeGone spray on pant legs, sleeves, hats, etc. LeBeGone Soap is a great way to apply this oil, every time you wash your hands you will be reapplying your bug spray!
Save 10% on Ready for Summer Kit
Ready for Summer Kit
Summer is a time for spending time with family. Where will your summer adventures take you? Hiking, swimming, reunions, camping, the zoo? This kit is designed to keep the sun and the bugs at bay so you can enjoy your summer and your family.

June Month Specials
Save 10% on all Books
The Butterfly bookshelf contains four books covering essential oils, herbal remedies, and homeopathic remedies. Take advantage of the sale this month and empower yourself and your family today.
Save 10% on all Carrier Oils
Carrier Oils
Butterfly carries over 30 different carrier oils with different therapeutic properties. They can be applied on their own or as a diluent for pure essential oils that are often too concentrated to be applied to the skin alone.

June Sales
Save 15% on Le Everlasting
LeEverlasting Essential Oil Blend
LeEverlasting is a blend of 5 other blends: LeDreams, LeHeartSong, LeTrust, LeUnity, and LeWisdom. Each one targets a specific range of emotions. A person using LeEverlasting receives the emotional impact of each separate high frequency blend. At the same time, the lower frequency of the whole carries the healing more deeply into the physical body. Negative emotions are released clear down to the cellular level.
Save 15% on Chamomile German
LeChamomile German Essential Oil Single
Chamomile German is used to treat ADHD in children, and anxiety attacks in adolescents and adults. This oil has an outstanding history in the treatment of headaches, insomnia, and nervous tension. Chamomile German should be tried for severe skin ulcerations or infections, dermatitis, and excema. It is excellent for digestive problems and female complaints. The aroma calms and soothes feelings of anger and frustration.