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Le Paine Essential Oil Blend


LePaine promotes quicker healing by bringing oxygen to the injured area and increasing circulation. LePaine is anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, and calming to nerves. It can be used for sciatica, bone pain, arthritis, sports injuries, muscle spasms, torn ligaments, headaches, osteoporosis, bone spurs, bursitis, back pain, and bruising.

Le WakeUp Essential Oil Blend


LeWakeUp does exactly what the name implies. It makes us feel more energetic and wide awake to our world. LeWakeUp helps us feel more energetic, enthusiastic, and even passionate about our life, the tasks we have before us, and the people around us. LeWakeUp is helpful, both by aroma and application, for blood sugar lows (hypoglycemia).

Le Weightless Essential Oil Blend


LeWeightless increases metabolism, especially fat burning, and helps dissolve cellulite. It is a lymph drainer, blood purifier, and is helpful with acne. The aroma of LeWeightless is uplifting. It stimulates positive and creative thinking. Emotionally it lightens the weight of our own negativity which often the triggers "binge" eating or junk food consumption.

Anise Myrtle Essential Oil

Anise Myrtle

Anise Myrtle has been shown to have potent antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Studies have shown it to be effective against various types of harmful bacteria, including staph infections, candida overgrowth, and various fungal infections. Anise Myrtle is said to be very beneficial for skin and hair.

Clementine Essential Oil


Clementine is uplifting and gently revitalizing. Clementine is an excellent stress reliever and is often used for insomnia. It can also aid concentration, focus, and memory. Clementine really shines in the realm of skin care. Clementine is beneficial for anemia, fatigue, and can be used to relieve heartburn.

Niaouli Essential Oil


Niaouli is a general immune system booster and is effective as a response to allergic reactions. Niaouli is very antiseptic and is useful for treating pulmonary infections, bronchitis, coughs, sinus congestion, sore throats, and skin conditions such as cuts, boils, burns, insect bites, and acne. Niaouli is also anti-inflammatory.

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LeConnection, LeEternity, LeSeasons,
Orange Bitter, Spanish Sage, White Pepper

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New Vanilla 10 Fold Essential Oil
New Vanilla 10 Fold Essential Oil Single
The concentration of Vanilla Oleoresin is noted by its “fold,” the more times it is folded the stronger the vanilla fragrance will be. 10 Fold Vanilla is the most common concentration used as an oil. The Emotional and Physical uses of 10 Fold Vanilla are the same as the other Vanilla Essential Oils. 10 Fold Vanilla is dark in color and thick. The aroma of vanilla is one of the most calming and uplifting of scents.
New Neem Carrier Oil
New Neem Carrier Oil
Neem is antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic, parasiticidal, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-oxidant, regulating, and moisturizing. Neem has many beneficial phytochemicals that boost the immune system, combat inflammation, and is said to interfere with the development of cancer cells. While Virgin Neem Oil has a VERY strong, unpleasant aroma, many people still consider it worth using because of its many amazing properties.

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May Month Specials
Save 10% on all Diffusers
Diffusers are a great way to use your essential oils. Not only do you get the aromatherapy benefits of your essential oils, but you can fill the room with your favorite scents. From the simple Car Diffusers, to the Ultrasonic Maya and Eva Diffusers, to the top of the line Monarch Nebulizing Diffuser, there are many options to pick from for diffusing your favorite oils!
Save 10% on all Liquid Minerals
Liquid Minerals
Mineral deficiencies contribute to, or are the cause of, a great many diseases and states of ill health. Experts agree that mineral deficiencies of one sort or another exist in many people—most of us, in fact. These Ionized Liquid Minerals are already broken down into small atomic particle sizes and have natural electrical charges which make them available for immediate absorption without the need for further digestion or dissolution.

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Save 15% on Le Letting Go
LeLetting Go Essential Oil Blend
LeLetting Go is literally what the name implies, an oil to aid us in the "letting go" of negative emotions that we are holding onto in the physical tissues of our bodies. You can use LeLetting Go to aid in the release of anger, frustration, resentment, despair, grief, insecurity, or any other emotion that is not serving you well. Letting go of the emotional baggage that we don't need can have an energizing effect on the colon, kidneys, liver, and gall-bladder in particular.
Save 15% on Jasmine Sambac
LeJasmine Sambac Essential Oil Single
Because of its powerful effect on the emotions and hormones, jasmine is often effective for a very long list of physical, mental, and emotional disorders. Jasmine is excellent for skin care because it increases elasticity. It is often used to prevent or minimize stretch marks. Consistent use of jasmine essential oil can reduce scarring. Jasmine soothes irritating coughs and relieves hoarseness and laryngitis. It is also beneficial for muscle strains, sprains, and stiffness.
Save 10% on Hemp Seed Carrier Oil
Hemp Seed Carrier Oil
Hemp Seed Carrier Oil has a very high perentage of essential fatty acids and omega 3's. Hemp Seed Oil is very emollient and lubricating, keeping the skin soft and supple while increasing the moisture retention of the skin. Hemp Seed Oil is helpful for conditions such as dry, rough skin, minor skin abrasions, acne, eczema and psoriasis. Hemp seed oil is high in vitamin E and helps to trap and remove excess free radicals that cause damage and lead to premature aging of the skin.
Save 10% on Health & Happiness Kit
Health & Happiness Kit
This Health & Happiness Kit was formulated to help with all aspects of health, both emotional and physical. Some examples are dealing with respiratory trouble, pain, hormone balancing, digestion, anxiety and insomnia. By improving your health with this wonderful kit your sense of peace and happiness will increase too. This kit includes: LeAspire, LeBalance, LeDeeper, LeEndoRelief, LeEternity, LeInsideOut, LeLifeForce, LeTranquility, LeWoman Wise, and Coconut Oil.