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"Start my doing what is necessary. Then do what is possible
...and suddenly you are doing the impossible."
Saint Francis of Assisi

From the Book "Butterfly Miracles with Herbal Remedies" By Laree Westover

The plants Goldenseal, Barberry, and Oregon Grape Root share similar indications and effects because of their high content of berberis alkaloids. Goldenseal has a great reputation throughout the herbal world, but according to spectrographic analysis, Oregon Grape Root has every attribute of Goldenseal. Oregon Grape Root has additional properties shown to be beneficial in the treatment of a variety of skin conditions.

I have found through years of herbal use that local herbs work better for local people; I use very few Chinese herbs because there is usually something just as effective that grows here in our mountains and works even better for my friends and family. Oregon Grape Root is a shining example of this principle. I use it almost everywhere that I previously used Goldenseal, and with excellent results. Oregon Grape Root is much less expensive (free if you wildcraft it). It has become a mainstay of my herbal repertory.

The following information has been taken from the book The Healing Power of Herbs by Michael T. Murray. This book is more scientific than anecdotal and provides a lot of good information about the clinically proven, medicinal properties of a few good herbs, including the berberine producing varieties. Everything said here can be applied equally to Goldenseal and Oregon Grape Root.

Perhaps the most exciting, and most used effect of these herbs is their broad spectrum of antibiotic activity. Their action against a wide variety of pathogens is actually stronger than that of antibiotics commonly used in the medical world, but they produce none of the side effects of prescription antibiotics (such as the overgrowth of candida that is a common side effect of prescription antibiotic use).

Another effect of berberine producing plants is their ability to inhibit the adherence of strep and staph bacteria to their host cells. In other words, the critters that aren’t killed outright are flushed from the system because they are unable to cling to the cells of the body. This work is accomplished at very low doses and with no side effects. Don’t forget these two herbs in the treatment of strep throat and staph infections and any infection of the eye.

Other places where clinical trials are rapidly establishing a reputation for berberine containing plants is in the treatment of liver disorders, various cancers, and in the treatment of conditions involving depressed white blood cell counts. This includes white blood cell counts which have been reduced by chemotherapy treatments. Goldenseal and Oregon Grape Root are often used as a tonic to boost a sluggish glandular system and to promote balanced hormonal activity.

Goldenseal sometimes has a negative impact on blood sugar levels in diabetics. This quirk is not a part of the action of Oregon Grape Root.

DOSAGE: Generally non-toxic but it should be remembered that low doses of these herbs are very effective. Higher doses are not recommended for pregnancy and may interfere with the metabolism of vitamin B. Higher doses are not more effective; more is not always better!


(Cymbopogon flexuosus)

INGREDIENT IN: LeDeeper, LeEnergy, LeInsideOut, LePurify, LeReflections, LeRefreshMint, LeSunburst, LeTendaCare, LeTomorrow, LeWakeUp

THERAPEUTIC PROPERTIES: astringent, tonic, calmative, antiseptic, anti-infective, diuretic, digestive, antiparasitic, depurative, nervine

AFFINITY FOR: kidney, bladder, vascular system, parasympathetic nervous system, lymphatic system, circulation, solar plexus chakra, spleen meridian

RESONANCE: physical, emotional



EXTRACTION METHOD: steam distilled

AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: Lemongrass has a woodsy but light fragrance which has an uplifting effect on mind, mood, and attitude.

APPLICATION: Dilute and apply to the feet or to any area of the body that is causing concern.

EMOTIONAL / SPIRITUAL / MENTAL ASPECTS: The aroma of lemongrass awakens curiosity. It encourages us to go outside our usual boundaries and comfort zones. Lemongrass should be used to cleanse your energy system when you have been in negative situations or around negative people. Lemongrass can give us energy and reawakens compassion following emotional overload or collapse.

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: Lemongrass improves circulation, regenerates connective tissue, and repairs ligaments. Lemongrass is used for acne and for dissolving cellulite during weight loss programs. Lemongrass repairs the parasympathetic nervous system and improves eyesight. It is useful in bladder and kidney disorders and for healing varicose veins.

Two of the greatest benefits of lemongrass is that it improves lymphatic drainage and gets oxygen flowing throughout the body. Lemongrass is one of the best oils for disinfecting and purifying around the house.

CAUTIONS: Overuse of lemongrass can cause extreme skin irritation.


Cupressus torulosa

INGREDIENT IN: LeAspire, LeBalance, LeCandila, LeCypernium, LeDelicate, LeEndoRelief, LeIQ, LeKey to My Heart, LeReflections, LeRefreshMint, LeTomorrow, LeVisibility, LeVitality, LeWarmDown

THERAPEUTIC PROPERTIES: mucolytic, hepatic, astringent, antispasmodic, antisudorific, diuretic, restorative, vasoconstrictor, respiratory tonic, calmative, astringent

AFFINITY FOR: circulation, muscles, pancreas, joints, liver, lymphatic drainage, respiratory system, reproductive system, solar plexus chakra, throat chakra, large intestine meridian, central vessel meridian, spleen meridian, yin energy.

RESONANCE: physical, emotional, spiritual

PLANT FAMILY: Coniferae/Cupressacea (sub)

PART UTILIZED: twigs, leaves

EXTRACTION METHOD: steam distilled

APPLICATION: Diluted and applied anywhere. Excellent applied to the bottoms of the feet.

AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: Cypress is a wonderful healer for the spirit. It brings the feeling that each new day is a fresh start on our road to glowing life and health. Change is a part of life. Times of transition can be positive if we allow them to be. If we struggle against the changes, trying to hang on to what was, our life can feel like an unending struggle. Interestingly, cypress - while not a sedative - is useful for insomnia. Perhaps the optimism it brings quiets the usual worry that is keeping one awake.

EMOTIONAL / SPIRITUAL / MENTAL ASPECTS: Cypress is considered in many cultures to be symbolic of life after death. It may be useful when facing death or other separations. The aroma of cypress opens us to direction from heaven. Cypress can help soften unbending and inflexible attitudes. Cypress seems to bring balance to our attitudes about money. It has the effect of loosening purse strings that are being held too tightly. Cypress can help us learn to enjoy the bounty that we have. Perhaps those who need to can even learn to spend a little on something that is not an absolute necessity.

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: Cypress strengthens capillary walls, reducing varicose veins and hemorrhoids. Cypress is a respiratory, lymphatic, liver, pancreas, and prostate decongestant, making cypress useful for a wide variety of ailments. Cypress is a mild, but effective, diuretic. It should be tried for water retention, cellulite, menstrual bloating, and menopausal problems. Cypress is one of the best oils for muscle cramps and healing wounds. In fact, cypress is one of the best single oils to reach for in many circumstances. I love and use mostly blends, but cypress is so complex and far reaching that it is almost like a blend itself.

CAUTIONS: Cypress is mildly estrogenic and should be avoided by most pregnant women. It is, however, used for toxemia when at least part of the cause is an estrogen imbalance.

Lyme's Disease
By Sharon Moran
Lyme's Disease is becoming more prevalent. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated that 300,000 cases were reported last year. This represents a 25-fold increase. More troubling is that the disease, which was mainly rampant in the northeast, is spreading outward, across the United States into the interior of the continent.

Deer are usually blamed for spreading the ticks which are infected with Lyme's Disease. However, recent research shows that it is actually rodents, mice in particular, that account for the bulk of infection.

Ticks are not born with the bacteria that produce Lyme's Disease. They pick these spirochetes up when they attach and feed on an infected host. Ticks feeding on mice are 75-95% likely to become infected. Ticks feeding on deer only have a 1% chance of becoming infected.

While ticks transmit most of the Lyme's Disease reported in this country, the bacteria can also be spread by other biting and blood-sucking insects. This list includes mosquitoes, spiders, fleas and mites.

Symptoms of Lyme's Disease usually start with a recurring fever and unrelenting fatigue. Often headaches and migraines along with aching muscles and joints also occurs. If left untreated the progression of the disease continues to muscle spasms, loss of coordination, intermittent paralysis, meningitis and heart involvement.

The bacteria which causes Lyme's Disease is called B. Burgdorferi. It is shaped like a corkscrew which allows it to burrow into the body's tissues and effectively "hide" from antibiotics. Lyme's Disease is also call the "great imitator" because it can mimic many other disorders including multiple sclerosis (MS), arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, ALS, ADHD, and even Alzheimer's Disease.

This elusive bacteria can make blood testing for Lyme's Disease difficult. This strain of bacteria is capable of infecting your white blood cells. If your white blood cells are infected, they will not respond appropriately to the infection. This makes it very difficult to detect in the blood when a blood test is performed. In fact, the worse your infection is, the less likely it will be to show up in a given blood test. Often patients, with nothing showing in a blood test, are unable to find any reason why these symptoms are occurring.

As with any natural protocol, you treat the totality of symptoms, not the disease. You treat a person by the symptoms they are demonstrating at the time as well as trying to eradicate the bacteria infestation. Some of the very best anti-bacterial essential oil blends are LeDeliverance, LeInsight, LeMelaPlus, LePurify and LeSunburst.

The old adage "An ounce of prevention is worth of a pound of cure," comes to mind when dealing with ticks and the transmission of Lyme's Disease.

To repel insects including ticks and mosquitoes the essential oil blend LeAway is most beneficial. LeAway should be diluted in water or Miracle II Neutralizer and applied, either by misting or rubbing on, just as you would with any other insect repellent. You can also spray the diluted solution on clothing and on the bottoms of pant legs, sleeves, and hats, being careful to avoid contact with the eyes.

Rose Geranium andpPalmarosa, mixed with a carrier oil, can also be effective in repelling ticks.

Other things to help prevent exposure:
1. Avoid tick-infested areas. Don't sit on logs or wooden stumps.
2. Tuck your pants into your socks to prevent access to your legs.
3. Wear long sleeved pants and shirts.
4. Be sure to check for ticks once you return inside. Early removal
is important.

If you do find a tick, how to remove the tick is vital. There are many videos available showing the proper technique. LePurify or Thyme essential oil can be effective to back a tick out once it has latched on. Use Lavender on the injection site every 5 minutes for a little while to help prevent infection and swelling.


AFFINITY FOR: digestive system, stomach meridian

RESONANCE: physical, emotional

APPLICATION: Apply one drop behind the ears for nausea, motion sickness, or morning sickness. LeInsideOut can also be applied over the abdomen either by diluting with a carrier oil or as a compress.

EMOTIONAL / SPIRITUAL / MENTAL ASPECTS: LeInsideOut is primarily considered an oil which works on the physical body. Whenever you use an essential oil, you will be working on underlying emotional roots as well as physical complaints. LeInsideOut can be helpful in discovering and sorting through the emotions underlying the digestive problems. LeInsideOut can help calm the obsessive worry that sometimes contributes to digestive difficulties.

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: LeInsideOut improves the function of the digestive system. It helps with upset stomach, belching, bloating, stomach cramps, heartburn, constipation, and diarrhea. LeInsideOut's ability to be effective for both constipation and diarrhea may seem odd; it is not. Natural remedies work with the body to return systems to balanced and healthy states. They are not the administration of an "opposing" remedy or force. This is true in every aspect of the body and mind when working with natural healers.

LeInsideOut should be used for any bout of intestinal flu or food poisoning. It is useful for most types of nausea, either by inhaling the aroma or putting a drop behind each ear. This blend should be applied over the abdomen for colon problems and for candida overgrowth. LeInsideOut has been useful in the treatment of parasites in animals and humans. For humans, place LeInsideOut on the feet and massage across abdomen. For animals, dilute a few drops in water and massage into soft tissues.

Cautions: LeInsideOut contains a small amount of fennel which is, when used by itself, contra-indicated for use during pregnancy. This is an example of blended oils being safer to use than single essential oils. This essential oil blend is safe to use for morning sickness in the manner described, but proper care, prudence, and judgement should be exercised.


INGREDIENTS: cassia, cinnamon bark, ginger, grapefruit, lime, peppermint

AFFINITY FOR: digestive system, lymphatic system, immune system, emotional balance, triple warmer meridian, base chakra

RESONANCE: physical, emotional

APPLICATION: A few drops on your wrists. Inhaling the aroma frequently is very effective.

AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: Consider diffusing LeLiteN in your home or workplace, especially between meals or when feeling tired, worn out, stressed, or discouraged.

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: LeLiteN is meant to improve metabolic function, stabilize hormones, and balance blood sugar. A fit and healthy body recovers more quickly and is more disease resistant. Well-oxygenated cells tend to produce healthy new cells, increasing vigor, stamina, and energy levels.

EMOTIONAL / SPIRITUAL / MENTAL ASPECTS: Food cravings and a tendency to snack between meals can be the result of stress, fatigue, or boredom. The stimulating and refreshing aroma of LeLiteN is a perfect choice for any situation in which one might turn to food for comfort, encouragement, or a boost of energy. This blend encourages a desire for fitness and vitality, and can aid us in developing sufficient energy reserves for the accomplishment of anything that our heart desires.


INGREDIENTS: copaiba balsam, chamomile German, grapefruit, lavender, marjoram, peppermint, violet leaf, zanthoxylum

AFFINITY FOR: nerves, muscles, bones

RESONANCE: physical

APPLICATION: LeMyGraine can be put on the temples, forehead, and back of the neck. Often the aroma will be all that is needed to back off a migraine. For really tough headaches, put 3 drops in your bath and 8-10 drops on a cold washcloth placed at the back of the neck at the same time. Try to relax as much as possible while the essential oil takes effect.

AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: Usually very effective for headaches when inhaled or diffused.

Emotional/PHYSICAL ASPECTS: LeMyGraine is used for migraine and stress related headaches with or without accompanying nausea. This blend is also useful following neck injuries and to open the blood supplies to and from the head. LeMyGraine does its best work with headaches related to stress and circulation problems.

Mild hormone oils make it effective for some women for the headache which comes at the beginning or end of their period. LeMyGraine may be useful for some types of depression. Use with LeWoman Wise or LeBalance if hormone imbalances are suspected.


(Marjorana hortensis or Origanum marjorana)

INGREDIENT IN: LeAspire, LeBalance, LeMyGraine, LeSolitude, LeTendaCare, LeVitality, LeWarmDown, LeWoman Wise

THERAPEUTIC PROPERTIES: antispasmodic, arterial vasodilator, expectorant, digestive, analgesic, calming, sedative, antitussive, antiseptic, antibiotic, anti-infective, diuretic, emmenagogue

AFFINITY FOR: respiratory system, digestive system, cardiovascular system, reproductive areas, solar plexus chakra, governing vessel meridian, stomach & spleen meridians, yang energy

RESONANCE: physical, emotional



EXTRACTION METHOD: steam distilled

AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: The aroma of marjoram oil can warm the soul in times of grief, sorrow, or loneliness.

APPLICATION: Dilute and apply to the feet or any area of the body.

EMOTIONAL / SPIRITUAL / MENTAL ASPECTS: Marjoram is quieting to obsessive worry where negative thoughts circle repetitively in the brain hour after hour. This type of obsessive worry is an indication of depleted or stressed earth energy. Marjoram essential oil is also helpful for those who seem to love being in the center of some sort of drama all the time. This need for attention is a manifestation of an energetically depleted earth meridian with its "lack of something" perception. In this instance, the feeling of deprivation focuses on family or friends. We are sure that "no one cares" about us as they should. The aroma of marjoram oil can eliminate feelings of loneliness or persecution, replacing them with feelings of security and even some compassion for others.

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: Marjoram eases respiratory distress and infections such as bronchitis. It is often beneficial for spasmodic dry coughs. The analgesic properties of marjoram make it an appropriate choice for muscle aches, sprains, strains, and arthritis. Marjoram essential oil helps bruising to clear and fade more quickly. Marjoram increases the dilation of blood vessels, lowers blood pressure, and eases heart palpitations. It can ease headaches that are caused by muscle tension or lack of circulation.

Marjoram oil increases the tone and effectiveness of parasympathetic nerves. One benefit of healthy parasympathetic nerves is an increase in the peristalsis in the colon. Marjoram regulates the menstrual cycle, relieves pain and cramping.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Marjoram was known as the "herb of happiness" to the early Romans and "joy of the mountain" to the Greeks.

CAUTIONS: Marjoram should be used sparingly during pregnancy.


(Pinus sylvestris)

THERAPEUTIC PROPERTIES: anti-infective, antifungal, tonic, pectoral, expectorant, diuretic, balsamic, stimulant, depurative, restorative

AFFINITY FOR: respiratory system, circulation, metabolism, skin care, brow chakra, crown chakra, governing vessel meridian, stomach meridian, lung meridian

RESONANCE: physical, emotional


PART UTILIZED: needles, leaves

EXTRACTION METHOD: steam distilled

AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: The aroma of pine essential oil can bring us true wisdom through acceptance of what was and acknowledgement of what is and what can be.

APPLICATION: Pine is especially nice in a bath or sauna. Dilute to apply to the feet or the body.

EMOTIONAL / SPIRITUAL / MENTAL ASPECTS: Pine essential oil is useful for moving on from regrets and self-judgement. It can bring relief from feeling the necessity to "carry the whole world" on our own shoulders. Pine helps us to establish a healthy respect for our own needs, including the need to rest and rejuvenate from time to time. Pine is also for those who confuse the acquisition of more and more "facts" as wisdom.

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: When pine essential oil is massaged into the skin, it promotes healthy circulation and brings comfort to sore joints and muscles. Pine is an excellent massage oil for arthritis.

Pine oil increases metabolism and nutrient absorption. Pine has a beneficial action on both the kidneys and the intestines, aiding them in their function of removing cellular waste and toxins from the body. This essential oil is a pleasant way to disinfect the air or any surface.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Pine needles were used by the ancient Romans and Greeks and by the American Indians to treat respiratory problems, relieve muscle aches, and prevent scurvy.


(Salvia officinalis)

INGREDIENT IN: LeBalance, LeConnection, LeDiscernment, LeEndoRelief, LeEverlasting, LeFocus, LeUnity, LeWeightless

THERAPEUTIC PROPERTIES: antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral, anticancerous, immune stimulant, antiseptic, antispasmodic, analgesic, diuretic, has estrogen-like properties

AFFINITY FOR: nervous system, lymphatic system, mind, skin, tissue, pelvic chakras & all organs, throat chakra, stomach meridian

RESONANCE: physical, spiritual


PART UTILIZED: leaves, flowers

EXTRACTION METHOD: steam distilled

AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: The aroma of sage clears and sharpens the mind.

APPLICATION: Sage essential oil should be diluted well before applying to the body or the feet.

EMOTIONAL / SPIRITUAL / MENTAL ASPECTS: Sage is a good oil for alleviating the effects of prolonged stress on the body and the mind. Sage cleanses the energy grid and strengthens its ability to protect us from negative influences. Sage has a positive influence on intuition, bringing clarity and vision to our souls if we will take the time to ponder and listen.

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: The impact on physical health from a strong nervous system and an active lymph system cannot be over emphasized. Sage's ability to strengthen the pelvic chakras, and organs within it, gives vigor and strength to the vital centers of the body. With nerves, lymph, and pelvic organs being strengthened, it is easy to see why sage has long been considered the "master healer".

Sage is believed to contain constituents that stimulate the secretion of progesterone-testosterone and keep their activities balanced. Sage is useful for most glandular disorders, any complaint related to lymph congestion, and any disorders related to nerve deterioration or prolonged nervous stress. Sage also clears away cellular debris and strengthens cell wall integrity, making sage useful for arthritis, dandruff, hair loss, skin conditions, gingivitis, sprains, and firming tissues.

GENERAL INFORMATION: The Lakota Indians considered sage as the "master healer", as did the Romans. It has been a popular ingredient in nerve tonics throughout the ages.

CAUTIONS: Large doses or overuse of sage should be avoided by any one who suffers from any type of seizure disorder. Sage should be avoided during the early stages of pregnancy.