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Le Cinnamon Bear Essential Oil Blend

LeCinnamon Bear

LeCinnamonBear acts as a stimulant and tonic for circulation, and for the immune and lymphatic systems. The effects are gently stimulating. LeCinnamonBear is especially beneficial to sore muscles and joints stiffened by arthritis or rheumatism.

Le Solitude Essential Oil Blend


LeSolitude's affinity is for anything to do with heart or vein health. This blend is useful for varicose veins, spider veins, and to promote capillary health. LeSolitude is also useful as a muscle relaxant and to relieve tension headaches.

Le Stefanie Essential Oil Blend


LeStefanie was developed to help fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria, especially in the lungs. This blend has an outstanding affinity for the entire respiratory system. LeStefanie is an excellent choice for any respiratory problem, such as asthma, bronchitis, chest colds, or flu.

Clove Bud Essential Oil

Clove Bud

Clove is effective against viruses, fungi, and bacteria. It is a strong pain reliever and can lessen the pain of toothaches. Clove is beneficial for skin afflictions such as ringworm, scabies, and parasites, as well as digestive issues like flatulence, nausea, and diarrhea.

Fir Balsam Essential Oil

Fir Balsam

Fir Balsam is an immune and endocrine stimulant. Fir is beneficial for treating respiratory complaints and fevers. Fir essential oil is excellent for back pain, muscle pain relief, muscle relaxation, and soothing for overworked or tired muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints.

Lemon Essential Oil


Lemon essential oil supports the respiratory system and is useful for asthma, bronchitis, sore throat, sinusitis, and other respiratory complaints. Lemon oil can be used for a liver or lymphatic cleanse, and can stimulate the pancreas and the entire endocrine system.

LeBreezey, LeMagi, LeSpiceC,
Cinamon Bark, Orange Blood, Spruce Picea

November Month Specials
All Minerals On Sale
Ionic Liquid Minerals
Mineral deficiencies contribute to, or are the cause of, a great many diseases and states of ill health. Experts agree that mineral deficiencies of one sort or another exist in many people—most of us, in fact. Ionized Liquid Minerals are already broken down into small atomic particle sizes and have natural electrical charges which make them available for immediate absorption without the need for further digestion or dissolution.
All Lotions On Sale
These homemade natural lotions are made with some of Butterfly's best skin care essential oils, as well as carrier oils such as Argan, Sunflower, and Vitamine E that have exceptional healing properties for the skin. Not only are these Lotions great for your skin, they also smell amazing, and there are 7 different ones to try. Lotions: LeAboutFace, LeAgeless, LeBaby Me, Carrier (unscented), LeIntention, Lavender, and LeSego Lily.

New Items
New Emerge Essential Oil Blend
New LeEmerge Essential Oil Blend
LeEmerge was specifically for the gallbladder and liver, though it has an affinity for the entire digestive system, kidneys, and pancreas. LeEmerge can be used as a very effective liver and lymphatic cleanse. The emotional aspects of the gallbladder aid us in digesting or processing our emotions. LeEmerge helps us process our feelings, and release any blockages or imbalances we may have.
New 1oz Purify Spray
New 1oz LePurify Spray
Now in a convenient spray bottle for easy use, LePurify can be used to purify the air and remove smells like cigarette smoke and many other noxious odors. LePurify not only neutralizes odors, it also kills bacteria, molds, and fungus. This is an excellent oil for cleaning any portion of your home. This blend can be sprayed onto window sills and into corners during the winter months to prevent the growth of molds.

November Sales
Save 15% on Le Reconciliation
LeReconciliation Essential Oil Blend
LeReconciliation is a good oil for skin care and massage. If there are any physical ailments with roots reaching into relationships, this blend should bring relief, both to the emotions and the physical imbalances. LeReconciliation is a marvelous oil for grief and loss, especially if there were hard feelings or trauma in the relationship at the time of the parting.
Save 15% on Geranium
Geranium Essential Oil Single
Geranium regenerates tissues and nerves. It is excellent for skin disorders and skin care. Geranium discharges toxins from the liver and dilates the bile ducts, aiding liver, gallbladder, and kidney function. This oil can bring relief from gastric ulcers, diarrhea, jaundice, and kidney stones. Geranium is one of the best oils for circulation problems such as hemorrhoids, and is helpful in slowing down bleeding.
Save 10% on Evening Primrose Carrier Oil
Evening Primrose Carrier Oil
Evening Primrose Oil supplies many nutrients and fatty acids that are essential for maintaining healthy skin, hair, and nails. It is ultra moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging. Evening Primrose Oil is an excellent choice for difficult skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. This oil is renowned for treating hormonal acne and reducing breakouts, and has been used topically to stimulate hair growth.
Save 10% on All Gift Bags
Gift Bags
Gift Bags include: 2 - 5ml Essential Oil Blends in an organza bag.
LeBreezey/LeEndo Relief LeBaby Me/LeHeartSong LeBountiful/LeEnergy LeDeliverance/LeMariah LeMela Plus/LeSunburst LeGrateful Heart/LeHoliday Spirit
LeMillenia/LePaine LeMyGraine/LeVitality LeSanctuary/LeTranquility LeSego Lily/LeWeightless LeSpiceC/LeStefanie