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EMOTIONAL / SPIRITUAL / MENTAL ASPECTS: LeHousewarming, diffused, creates an atmosphere of welcome and warmth in a home or office. This blend stimulates our thinking and encourages us to seek new solutions to problems and to look at long-standing relationships in new ways.

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: Gently, insistently stimulating, LeHousewarming strengthens the immune systems of those present by removing free radicals and stimulating T-lymphocyte activity and immuno-globulin production.
EXTRACTED FROM - https://butterflyexpressions.org/information/blends/Housewarming


PHYSICAL ASPECTS: LePatches was designed for the repair and healing of damaged tissues, tendons, and ligaments. LePatches is strongly anti-inflammatory, making it effective in restoring motion to inflamed and swollen joints. LePatches promotes quicker and more complete healing by inducing oxygen and blood flow to the injured tissue. LePatches should be used for sports and other injuries, muscle spasms, torn ligaments and tendons, bruises, and bursitis. This blend, applied to the neck and shoulders, is useful for headaches that are produced by tension, stress, and the tightening of the muscles in the neck or upper back. LePatches is an excellent oil for improving and restoring circulation.
EXTRACTED FROM - https://butterflyexpressions.org/information/blends/Patches


PHYSICAL ASPECTS: LeThermaCare was specifically designed to aid in gently reducing the very high fevers we often see with the high-powered and quick-onset flu "bugs" that are so prevalent in the world today. The use of this essential oil to reduce fever is especially nice with children. The essential oils contained in LeThermaCare are gentle. They stimulate the body's defense while calming the nerves and soothing the spirit. In addition to the fever reducing properties of the yarrow and the peppermint, the coriander is well renowned for giving strength both during an illness and during the convalescent stages.
EXTRACTED FROM - https://butterflyexpressions.org/information/blends/ThermaCare

Carrot Seed CO2

EMOTIONAL / SPIRITUAL / MENTAL ASPECTS: Carrot Seed oil helps fortify those who are feeling weak, inefficient, or disorganized. This oil is well suited to impractical dreamers. Carrot Seed can give focus and energy to those who procrastinate projects because we don't want to put forth the necessary hard work or mental effort.

PHYSICAL ASPECTS:Carrot seed is a powerful liver detoxifier and blood cleanser. It is particularly useful in bowel inflammations. Carrot Seed is of benefit for digestive problems such as constipation, diarrhea, and gas.
EXTRACTED FROM - https://butterflyexpressions.org/information/singles/CarrotSeed


Cinnamon Berry

AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: The essential oil made from the berries of this cinnamomum species is a little bit milder than oil made from the bark of cinnamonum verum. Care should still be taken with inhalation and diffusion. Cinnamon can be irritating to tender mucous membranes.

EMOTIONAL / SPIRITUAL / MENTAL ASPECTS: Cinnamon Berry is useful in treating stress related conditions such as headache, insomnia, indigestion, and nervous tension.

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: Cinnamon Berry acts as a stimulant to circulation. Increased circulation can be beneficial for arthritis, muscle and joint stiffness, inflamed or painful joints and muscles, and sprains. Cinnamon Berry is said to improve appetite. Cinnamon Berry, like cinnamon bark, is antimicrobial, but is less caustic and irritating.

CAUTIONS: Use cautiously if pregnant, when working with infants and children, or if your skin is particularly sensitive.
EXTRACTED FROM  - https://butterflyexpressions.org/information/singles/CinnamonBerry



EMOTIONAL / SPIRITUAL / MENTAL ASPECTS: Saro is uplifting and energizing but creates less olfactory fatigue than other cinnamonum family oils. This is a gentle, yet powerfully effective essential oil. Saro is an excellent aid to studying as it clears the mind, improves mental alertness, concentration, and memory.

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: Recent research indicates that saro may be effective against a wide range of bacterial strains including: ecoli which is responsible for urinary tract infections and meningitis, as well as several bacteria strains that are responsible for dysentery and food poisoning and certain types of gastrointestinal toxicity. It also performed well against some strains of bacteria related to vaginal infections.
EXTRACTED FROM  - https://butterflyexpressions.org/information/singles/Saro

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LeDeeper, LeGoodNite, LeSynopsis,
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Chamomile German

(Matricaria Recutita)

EMOTIONAL / SPIRITUAL / MENTAL ASPECTS: One of the most important actions of Chamomile German is on the solar plexus. The solar plexus is the major nerve center that lies midway between the gut instinct area of the abdomen and the empathetic region of the heart. The solar plexus also lies at the cross roads between the left and right sides of our energetic bodies. This location puts the solar plexus in charge of balancing our need to be in control with our need to gently nurture. A buildup of energy and tension in the solar plexus intensifies our emotional needs. If we feel that our needs are not being met, we can become frustrated and irritable. We may react by trying harder to control the people around us, manipulating them into meeting our perceived needs. The aroma of Chamomile German can release the tension that is building up in the solar plexus area.

Chamomile German increases honest, and compassionate communication. It is of benefit to people who have periods of indifference to family and friends, followed by irritable outbursts directed at those dearest to them. Chamomile German seems to unclutter the mind, allowing us to get organized and then unclutter our lives. This species of Chamomile helps us learn to trust the unfolding of events in our lives.

EXTRACTED FROM - https://butterflyexpressions.org/information/singles/ChamomileG

Rosehip Oil

The main properties sought for when using rosehip oil are the vitamins A and C and anti-oxidants. These two vitamins are cytophylactic, meaning that they aid cell regeneration and the sloughing off of old dead cells and cellular waste products. These properties make rosehip oil an excellent choice for anti-aging and for the treatment of damaged skin cells including burns and scars. The combination of anti-oxidants and vitamin C brighten the skin and reduces or removes skin discoloration. The anti-oxidants found in rosehip oil also make it a natural anti-inflammatory. Rosehip oil is excellent for dry, chapped lips.


(Ocimum basilicum)
PHYSICAL ASPECTS: Basil stimulates the adrenal cortex and strengthens the nerves, making it beneficial for mental fatigue, headaches, insomnia, fainting, loss of the sense of smell, memory loss, and poor concentration. Basil strengthens the digestive function, being of particular use with hiccups, flatulence, indigestion, and vomiting. Basil has strong antispasmodic and expectorant properties. It calms muscle spasms from injury or fatigue and alleviates coughs.
EXTRACTED FROM - https://butterflyexpressions.org/information/singles/Basil

(Syzgium aromaticum)
The aroma of clove is, literally, heart-warming. It helps us to look away from ourselves and our own needs, so we can see the needs of family members and friends. Clove helps us translate this "seeing" into practical, every day living and giving. Clove bud oil lifts depression, leaving behind a feeling of optimism and lightness.
EXTRACTED FROM - https://butterflyexpressions.org/information/singles/Clove

(Rosmarinus officinalis)
Rosemary balances heart function and energizes the solar plexus. Rosemary is specific for people who are usually vibrant, organized, industrious, and sensitive. They have become apathetic due to dwelling on perceived hurts or injustices.
EXTRACTED FROM - https://butterflyexpressions.org/information/singles/Rosemary

(Artemisia dracunculus)
Tarragon helps us to draw in the energy of life that is all around us. It fosters more than just the desire for health or the will to live; it inspires us to seek for, and find, energy enough (and some to spare) for us to accomplish all that we desire.
EXTRACTED FROM - https://butterflyexpressions.org/information/singles/Tarragon

(Thymus zygis)
Thyme is revitalizing and nourishing to the nerves and emotions. It can help us overcome mental and emotional exhaustion, inability to concentrate, apathy, and uneasy feelings that have no cause. Thyme can aid us in finding a fresh view of a situation or a new way of doing something.
EXTRACTED FROM - https://butterflyexpressions.org/information/singles/Thyme

(Vetivera zizanioides)
Vetiver is a useful oil for emotional and energy work. It helps us connect the past to the present, learning from the things we have experienced and using the present to heal the past. Vetiver builds bridges between our memories and experiences, our mental capacities, and our physical bodies.
EXTRACTED FROM - https://butterflyexpressions.org/information/singles/Vetiver

There is a harmony in autumn, and a luster in its sky, which through the summer is not heard or seen, as if it could not be, as if it had not been!
~ Percy Bysshe Shelley ~


EMOTIONAL / SPIRITUAL / MENTAL ASPECTS: LeAgeLess is a wonderfully synergistic and beautifully aromatic blend of essential oils with mood elevating and confidence building properties. Designed to foster within us both a vision of ourselves as accepted and acceptable and a readiness, always, to become even better. We can welcome change, moving forward with joy into the truly golden years, whichever years they are, of our lives. Maturity, done gracefully, comes with wisdom and profound feelings of joy.
EXTRACTED FROM - https://butterflyexpressions.org/information/blends/Ageless

Different Kinds of Headaches

By LaRee Westover

There are many possible reasons for headaches. Some of the more physical possible culprits for headache pain are a structural misalignment in the neck, spine, and coccyx with resulting muscle tension in the neck, shoulders, or jaw. Circulation to the head may impinge. Headaches may also be caused by food or chemical allergies, sinus congestion, digestion, and kidney related problems, insufficient water intake, or a lack of physical exercise. When I am traveling and I begin to feel tired or feel a headache coming on, some water and a little bit of exercise— even just walking about for a few minutes—is all that I need to feel better immediately.

Headaches can also have a wide range of emotional drivers, as well. The possible emotions are as many and as varied as the people having them and the situations in which they live. It is almost always helpful when looking for the source of persistent or chronic headaches, to look back over the events of the preceding few days and examine the emotions that you felt just prior to the onset of a headache.

Excessive mental strain, too much time in front of a computer screen, pushing yourself too hard in an attempt to do too much, or failing to deal with feelings such as anger, fear, or worry are a few examples of common headache triggers. Some others are being stubborn (or just plain hard-headed), intolerant, and self-centered. Each of these attitudes can create tension that centers in the neck and shoulder muscles.

In my world, when a grandchild—or anyone else—has some complaint about the way they are feeling I, of course, try to ascertain the cause before deciding on a cure. With headaches—and many other things in life— cause can only be narrowed down a bit but not ascertained completely. In that case, I try an essential oil listed for whatever I feel is the most likely culprit based on events in their lives and the general state of health. When I know what works, I will have a pretty good idea what the problem is and can tailor-make the rest of the regimen from there. May seem like a bit of a backward approach but it actually works very well and since essential oils and herbal remedies “do no harm” this is a very good way to “do some good” while figuring out the next best step to take.

With the exception of nervine formulas, treating headaches by herbal means is not usually an “instant” type of relief. Herbs are primarily nutritional supplements. They will address the underlying causes of the problems that are causing the headaches in whatever system or organ of the body that a vitamin, mineral, or enzyme deficiency is manifesting. How long herbal remedies will take to make a difference will depend entirely on how vitamin/mineral deficient you are and on how many things—like stress and prescription drugs—are using up the vitamins and minerals that your diet, your supplements, and your herbs are providing you each day.

Allergic reactions (and the congestion and headaches that often result from them) are very often the result of vitamin and mineral deficiencies brought on by problems in the digestive system. Either the liver is clogged by toxins or the intestinal tract is unable to uptake nutrients properly and in sufficient quantities. Herbal supplementation and mild herbal cleansing programs often produce astonishing results in headaches that are related to digestive difficulties and liver toxicity. There is a very effective cleansing program outlined in the book, Butterfly Miracles with Herbal Remedies, by LaRee Westover.

My favorite herbal formula for the immediate relief of nervous tension headaches and headaches caused by tight muscles is BBL. The vervains, skullcap, and lobelia contained in this formula often bring almost instant relief in these and many other types of situations.

Below are a few suggested essential oils, listed according to the possible cause of a headache. Some of these categories obviously overlap each other.
Of course, the first and foremost oil for a headache is MyGraine. This blends primary focus is on tight muscles and the resulting impingement of circulation and stress that is being placed on the nerves of the neck and head. If MyGraine doesn’t fix it, you are almost always looking at something endocrine (hormonal) or emotional once you have ruled out the lack of water as the problem. The aroma of MyGraine oil is often all that is needed to open things up and relieve a headache immediately. A great many truck drivers keep this essential oil blend in their pocket to combat the headaches brought on by the bright lights of oncoming traffic combined with tense shoulder muscles from driving long distances.

Misalignment of the Neck, Spine, or Coccyx :
There is simply no better answer than LeMillenia, applied regularly to the area and to related areas. I have listed these three areas together because there is no way to align the neck and head without aligning the coccyx and vice-versa. I should probably have included injuries and strains to the jaw and shoulders as well.

Nervous Tension Headaches:
Anthopogon—this oil is the national symbol of Nepal and is used for both meditation and healing. It is almost magical in its ability to temper an overzealous fire meridian, making it almost essential for those amazing people who are highly productive but also tend to high stress levels. LeGrateful Heart and LeReconciliation are the only two blends I have been brave enough to create with this rather expensive and exotic essential oil. LeReconciliation has the best reputation of the two for relieving both stress and emotionally related headaches.

The Chamomiles—both German and Roman—have a long and outstanding history in the treatment of headaches (and insomnia) that was brought on by nervous tension.

Other Potential Oils to Consider for Tension Headaches:
LeTranquility,Le Kindred Spirit, LeQuiet Essence, Lavender, of course, Holy Basil, Spanish Sage, Orange Sweet, and Rosewood.

Headaches from Tense Muscles in the Neck and Shoulders:
Tense muscles are a contributory factor to circulation headaches. LePatches, LeTendaCare, LeWarmDown, LeMillenia, LePaine, LeDeeper, Gingergrass, Kanuka (contains 5 different sesquiterpenes and is an amazing but undervalued essential oil), Katrafay, Marjoram, Peppermint, Rosemary, and Rosewood. There are many others that could be listed here; these are my personal favorites.

Circulation Related Headaches:
LeAngel, LeBenediction (also protects from the negative energies of those around us when we are in a vulnerable state of mind), LeConnection, LeCrystal Clear, LeDeeper, LeEverlasting, LeFocus, LeInner Peace, LeIQ, LeMagi, LeMillenia, LeMoonlight, LeMyGraine, LePaine, LePatches, LeVision, LeVitality, Citronella, Dong Quai (as an oil—usually in a blend—and as a herb).

Headaches Related to Endocrine System Imbalances (includes hormone headaches—yes, men have hormones, too):
There are many types of endocrine headaches besides those related to the reproductive system. Lack of proper function of the thyroid, parathyroids, pancreas, and many other endocrine organs create headaches of one type or another.Le Balance, LeEndo Relief, LeLife Force, LeMoonlight, LeWoman Wise, Chaste Tree

Headaches Related to Digestive System Issues:
LeInside Out, LeJulia, Peppermint, Spanish Sage, Thyme

Headaches Related to Liver Toxicity:
LeBenediction, LeLivN, LeRevitalize, Angelica

Headaches Related to Sinus Congestion:
LeBreezey, LeMyGraine

Headaches Related to Kidney Issues:
Fear sometimes produces these issues. LeBeloved, LeCherish, LeQuiet Essence, LeReflections, LeSynopsis, LeWhispering Hope, LeVitality, Goldenrod

Headaches Produced by Emotional Causes such as sadness, fear, hopelessness, feeling inadequate, etc.):
LeBeloved, LeBenediction, LeCherish, LeGrateful Heart, LeKindred Spirit, LeLetting Go, LeSolitude, LeTranquility

Analgesic Oils:
Sometimes we just want the pain to go away and the following oils, applied to the base of the head or by inhaling the aroma, can bring relief while the base cause is being dealt with. LeBreezey, LeDeeper, LeMyGraine, Eucalyptus

Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you.
~ Walt Whitman ~

A natural alternative to commercial chemical hand sanitizers.

Ingredients: Aloe Vera Gel, Witch Hazel, Vegetable Glycerin, LeDeliverance Essential Oil, Lemon Essential Oil, Optiphen

LeDeliverance Essential Oil: One of the most potent antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal combinations available. Frequent and consistent use of LeDeliverance also strengthens the immune system.

Vitamin E Oil: Known for its high level of antioxidant properties, making it great for damaged skin and preventing the skin from showing signs of aging.

Lemon Essential Oil: Used as a disinfectant. It has antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic, and antibiotic properties. It is also an immune stimulant.

Witch Hazel: Works as an antiseptic, cleansing the skin of germs and bacteria.

Aloe Vera Gel: Has its own antibacterial and antifungal properties, and is also a good moisturizer, keeping your hands soft and safe from getting dried out.

Vegetable Glycerin: Hydrates the skin and boosts absorption.

Optiphen: A formaldehyde and paraben free preservative.

Germs are a part of life - they are everywhere. No matter how careful you are, you cannot escape them. Stopping the spread of germs requires killing them before they can spread to someone else. There is absolutely no substitute for washing your hands with soap and warm water. But we can't always do that.

Many people think that hand sanitizer is the answer to "germ warfare" when they are away from home. However, purchasing name-brand sanitizers can be costly and most of them contain alcohol and anti-bacterial products that also kill the "good" germs on the skin. Continued use of these alcohol-based hand sanitizers has been shown to produce bacteria resistant to the alcohol and chemicals they contain. This makes you more susceptible to disease in the long run. Another issue with these alcohol-based hand sanitizers is how they dry the skin. Natural products do not have this effect on the skin. In fact, these products are actually nourishing to the skin.

A great solution to this problem is the natural hand sanitizer sold by Butterfly Express. The essential oils and witch hazel will kill both bacteria and viruses, and the essential oils will actually boost your immune system while leaving your body's natural balance of good bacteria alone. You can use this kind of hand sanitizer guilt free!