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Peppermint Piperita


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(Lavandula angustifolia)

Lavender Australian can be used the same way as the lavender officinalis (40/42). It has a milder aroma when diffused and can be less intense on the skin.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Lavender is a universal oil that has been shown to balance the body and to work wherever there is a need. It is called 'the grandmother' of essential oils because it cares for and nurtures us through such a variety of physical and emotional stresses. If you don't know what essential oil to reach for, try lavender.

INGREDIENT IN: LeAgeLess, LeAngel, LeAssurance, LeBalance, LeCandila, LeDelicate, LeDiscernment, LeEverlasting, LeEZ Traveler, LeInner Peace, LeIQ, LeJulia, LeLetting Go, LeMyGraine, LeMillenia, LePurify, LeQuietEssence, LeSimplicity, LeSolitude, LeTranquility, LeTrust, LeTurmoil, LeUnity, LeVictory, LeVision, LeWarmDown, LeWithIn, LeWoman Wise

THERAPEUTIC PROPERTIES: antiseptic, diuretic, expectorant, emmenagogue, antiparasitic

AFFINITY FOR: digestive system, lymphatic system, cardiovascular system, reproductive system, genito-urinary system, immune system, nerves, brain, solar plexus, all heart meridians, base chakra

RESONANCE: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual


PART UTILIZED: flowering tops

EXTRACTION METHOD: steam distilled

AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: Lavender can help us move from judgement to kindness and generosity.

APPLICATION: There is probably no wrong way to apply or diffuse lavender.

EMOTIONAL / SPIRITUAL / MENTAL ASPECTS: One of the great emotional gifts of lavender is the feeling of total and unchanging support around us. It leaves us with no room for doubt that we are loved and will be supported in life's challenges and in the process of healing. Lavender promotes faith, even in the hard times. Lavender brings balance between masculine and feminine energy and traits.

Lavender is a gentle, but effective, sedative and nervine. It can bring relief from anxiety, panic, hysteria, emotional and mental fatigue, headaches and migraines, and insomnia.

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: Lavender can be used for nearly all skin conditions. It can be applied to cuts, sunburns, burns, rashes, dermatitis, eczema, and insect bites. Consistent use of lavender with burns and injuries minimizes scarring. Lavender, usually as part of a blend, is often used to prevent or remedy conditions of dandruff and hair loss. Lavender is antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, cytophylactic, and antispasmodic, making it effective for muscle strains and sprains, cramps, and wound healing.

Lavender clears excess waste products from the lymphatic system and is an aid to digestion. Lavender is sometimes all that is needed to prevent or alleviate nausea. Mildly diuretic, lavender can be useful in alleviating edema and premenstrual water retention. Whether the root of the problem is emotional or physical, lavender is often effective in stabilizing both high and low blood pressure and regulating the pulse. Lavender, or blends containing it, is used to lessen pain and promote restful sleep. Lavender is useful for babies with thrush.

CAUTIONS: Lavender is wonderfully calming in small amounts, but can be stimulating if used in too large a quantity or too often. This is especially true with babies and small children.

Lemon Eucalyptus

(Eucalyptus citriodora)

THERAPEUTIC PROPERTIES: insect repellent, anti-inflammatory, expectorant, anti-bacterial, anti-viral

AFFINITY FOR: cardiovascular system, respiratory system, muscles, brow chakra, yin energy

RESONANCE: physical



EXTRACTION METHOD: steam distilled

APPLICATION: Use lemon eucalyptus exactly as you would use any other variety of eucalyptus.

AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: Lemon eucalyptus has a fresh, sweet, lemony aroma mixed with some woody deeper notes.

EMOTIONAL/SPIRITUAL/MENTAL ASPECTS: The emotional qualities of all eucalyptus varieties are similar.

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: The physical aspects of lemon eucalyptus oil are much the same as other varieties. The high citronella content of this oil gives it the intense lemon scent.

Lemon eucalyptus may be very effective against toe nail fungus. Routinely soaking the feet in warm water may help with these systems.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Used as a mosquito and insect repellent, mix in a 10% solution of essential oil to 90% solution of carrier oil such as neutralizer, almond oil or witch hazel. Apply to the skin, avoiding contact with the eyes, for to provide protection from biting insects.

CAUTIONS: All eucalyptus varieties can be caustic to the skin if used undiluted: be sure to dilute well. Test for skin sensitivity before applying to the whole skin surface.

INTERNAL USE: See General Information in eucalyptus notes for cautions regarding internal use.

Tonka Bean

(Dipteryx odorata)

THERAPEUTIC PROPERTIES: stimulant, carminative, diaphoretic, febrifuge

AFFINITY FOR: cardiovascular system, circulatory system

RESONANCE: emotional, physical


PART UTILIZED: seeds, bark


AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: The aroma of tonka bean is very sweet, rich, sensual and vanilla-esque.

APPLICATION: Dilute and apply anywhere on the body. May be used as a perfume due to its wonderful, sweet aroma.

EMOTIONAL/SPIRITUAL/MENTAL ASPECTS: The natives of South America refer to tonka bean oil as the Oil of Initiation.

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: The active ingredient in tonka bean essential oil is coumarin which is a blood thinner. No studies up to this point have determined appropriate dosage.

CAUTIONS: Information regarding the use of tonka bean during pregnancy and lactation is lacking.

Health Tip: Healthy Hand Sanitizer

Germs are a part of life - they are everywhere. No matter how careful you are, you cannot escape them. Stopping the spread of germs requires killing them before they can spread to someone else. There is absolutely no substitute for washing your hands with soap and warm water. But we can't always do that.

Many people think that hand sanitizer is the answer to "germ warfare" when they are away from home. However, purchasing name-brand sanitizers can be costly and most of them contain alcohol and anti-bacterial products that also kill the "good" germs on the skin. Continued use of these alcohol-based hand sanitizers has been shown to produce bacteria resistant to the alcohol and chemicals they contain. This makes you more susceptible to disease in the long run.

Another issue with these alcohol-based hand sanitizers is how they dry the skin. Natural products do not have this effect on the skin. In fact, these products are actually nourishing to the skin.

A great solution to this problem is to make your own alcohol-free hand sanitizers with essential oils. The essential oils will kill both bacteria and viruses and actually boost your immune system while leaving your body's natural balance of good bacteria alone. You can use this kind of hand sanitizer guilt free!

Alcohol-Free Spray Hand Sanitizer
In a 4 ounce glass spray bottle: Fill the bottle 2/3rds of the way full with distilled water Add 1Tbsp. of aloe vera gel or Miracle II neutralizer gel

Fill the bottle with distilled water to the top Shake well Spray 3 - 5 sprays onto the hands to sanitize. Massage into the hands until absorbed.

Gel Hand Sanitizer
1/4 Cup Miracle II Gel or aloe vera gel

Essential oils: can be added to either of these recipes. You will want to use about 30 drops. LeDeliverance or LeSpice C would be my top choice. 10 drops each lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus and clove would create a wonderful smell. LePurify is another good choice.

Orange, Bitter

(Citrus aurantium)

INGREDIENT IN: LeBountiful, LeEverlasting, LeUnity

THERAPEUTIC PROPERTIES: antiseptic, antiparasitic, general cerebral and circulatory stimulant, antidepressant, antispasmodic, tonic

AFFINITY FOR: digestion, nervous system, wood element

RESONANCE: physical, emotional


PART UTILIZED: peel of fruit

EXTRACTION METHOD: steam distilled

AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: Orange bitter essential oil has the sweet, citrus smell that is characteristic of orange sweet (Citrus sinensis), but orange bitter has an underlying touch of tart bitterness which is reminiscent of grapefruit oil. It is very nice diffused, and makes a pleasant change from the heady sweetness of orange sweet or neroli essential oils.

APPLICATION: Orange bitter should be diluted and applied to the feet or to the body.

EMOTIONAL / SPIRITUAL / MENTAL ASPECTS: Orange bitter, like all citrus oils, is wonderful diffused during the winter months. Citrus oils seem to release a few rays of sunshine into the air. They are subtly energizing. They brighten the outlook and lift the spirits. Orange bitter is an effective treatment for depression, especially when it is made worse by cloudy or winter weather and lack of sunlight. Orange bitter, though considered a stimulant, can also help one relax at the end of a long day.

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: Orange bitter is used in blends to promote weight loss, helping to curb the appetite and dissolve cellulite. The keynote features of this oil, however, are on digestion. Orange bitter is used in the treatment of heartburn, flatulence, and diarrhea. It also seems to aid in the absorption of vitamin C.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Many parts of this plant, Citrus aurantium, are extracted for use as essential oils. Orange bitter essential oil is made from the fruit, bergamot is extracted from the peel, petitgrain is extracted from the foliage and twigs, and neroli is distilled from the blossoms. Even though all of these oils are made from the same plant, they are very different in aroma and therapeutic properties.

CAUTIONS: Orange bitter is photo-toxic. You should avoid direct sunlight on skin to which this oil has been applied for at least 12 hours.


(Thymus vulgaris)

INGREDIENT IN: LeBountiful, LeDelicate, LeDeliverance, LeEnergy, LeEternity, LeInsideOut, LeLifeForce, LeMariah, LeSimplicity, LeTendaCare

THERAPEUTIC PROPERTIES: antibacterial, antiparasitic, antifungal, anti-infective, antiseptic, antiviral, antibiotic, pectoral, analgesic, expectorant, balsamic, stimulant, tonic, rubefacient, diuretic, emmenagogue, vermifuge, antivenomous, antiputrescent, immune stimulant

AFFINITY FOR: digestive system, immune system, lymphatic system, circulatory system, muscles, bones, base chakra, water element, metal element, heart meridian

RESONANCE: physical, emotional


PART UTILIZED: leaves, stems, flowers

EXTRACTION METHOD: steam distilled

AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: Thyme should be diffused, either by itself, or as part of a synergistic blend, to purify the air of your home or office during the cold and flu season. (A blend would probably have a better aroma.)

APPLICATION: Dilute well to apply to the feet or body.

EMOTIONAL / SPIRITUAL / MENTAL ASPECTS: Thyme is revitalizing and nourishing to the nerves and emotions. It can help us overcome mental and emotional exhaustion, inability to concentrate, apathy, and uneasy feelings that have no cause. Thyme can aid us in finding a fresh view of a situation or a new way of doing something. It is specific for physical exhaustion, especially when there seems to be a lack of direction and motivation more than overwork. Thyme can give us strength, self-confidence, and will power. It can help us think positively, allowing us to give ourselves credit for every little bit of will power we possess, instead of berating ourselves when we display less of it than we think we should have.

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: As a general tonic for the stomach, thyme's carminative properties alleviate gas and bloating. Gas is an indication of poorly digested food. It can interfere with sleep, raise your blood pressure, become a threat to your cardiovascular system, cause severe stomach aches, cramps, and vomiting, as well as headaches and nausea. Thyme has a beneficial effect on heart valves. It relaxes the veins and arteries, reducing blood pressure, and as a result, reducing stress on the heart. It should be mentioned that, like nearly all natural remedies, thyme balances blood pressure, bringing it back to normal whether it is high or low.

The antiseptic and antiviral properties of thyme are strong enough to handle most situations. Thyme is even recommended, applied along the spine, for such ailments as spinal meningitis. Thyme, along with killing the invading microbes, aids lymphatic drainage and urine output, and strengthens the immune system. Thyme should be tried for lingering coughs.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Be sure to use Thymus zygis or Thymus vulgaris as they are milder; stronger types should never be used on children or those with high blood pressure. Red thyme is a Thymus zygis but the method of extraction creates concentrations of thymol that are excessive for frequent use or for use with children.

CAUTIONS: When not part of a blend, should be used with great caution or avoided altogether.

Vitamin D and Your Immune System
Dr. Joe Prendergast is one of a growing number of experts who are recognizing the phenomenal health importance of vitamins. He contends that vitamin D is more powerful than any vaccine you could take. Researchers in Germany have found that vitamin D helps to increase your immune function by a ratio of 3 to 5. Vitamin D can also stimulate the production of anti-microbial peptides used by the immune system to keep you well.

We all know that exposure to the uv light of the sun stimulates the production of vitamin D on our skin. But what further research has shown is that this exposure can reduce the incidence of viral respiratory infections and a wide range of other health conditions.

When most of us think of what vitamin D is good for in our bodies, we think of our bones. In reality, the active form of vitamin D is one of the most potent hormones in the body! Vitamin D is necessary to regulate more genes and functions in the body than any other hormone! A precursor of vitamin D is produced on the skin after sunlight exposure. It is then converted to the more potent hormone form in the body. In severe cases of vitamin D deficiency, death may result.

Vitamin D has a vital role to play in our immune system function. The presence of vitamin D in the body enables it to produce over 200 anti-microbial peptides. These peptides make it so that your body can fight off invading infections.

As the flu season approaches, we start hearing about flu shots and the need to vaccinate. The presumed intent of a vaccination is to build immunity through exposing our immune system to small doses of the organisms that have the potential to make us sick. The reality is that the risks associated with the vaccine are usually worse than the disease itself. A healthy, functioning immune system, with ample vitamin D and other key nutrients, is designed to combat just such disease effectively.

Here is a list of a few disease made worse or complicated by a vitamin D deficiency:

Respiratory infection, anemia, arthritis, asthma, autism, bipolar disorder, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, colds, Crohn's disease, dental decay, diabetes, eczema, epilepsy, fibromyalgia, flu, headache, hearing loss, infertility, inflammation, insomnia, leukemia, lupus, melanoma, migraines, myeloma, neuropathy, obesity, osteoporosis, parasites, polycystic ovarian disease, psoriasis, rickets, season affective disorder, septicemia, and tuberculosis.

As you can see from this list, vitamin D plays a vital role in the whole body and all the body systems regulating health within the body. So, when was the last time you spent time in the sun? Vitamin D from sun exposure is the best way to optimize your vitamin D levels and reduce your risk of deficiency.

Because of the public health campaign of recent years to keep people out of the sun, it has been estimated that only about 30% of American's have circulating vitamin D that is the product of sunlight exposure. We work inside and stay inside or avoid the sun when outside.

To maximize sunlight for vitamin D you need to understand the difference between UVB and VUA wavelengths. UVB are the good wave lengths that help your skin produce vitamin D. UVA is generally considered to be the "bad" sunlight. They penetrate the skin more deeply and cause more free radical damage. UVA rays are quite constant throughout all the daylight hours. UVB rays, on the other hand, are low in the morning and light and highest during mid-day.

Occasional sunlight to your face and hands in not enough for vitamin D supplementation. To improve your levels of vitamin D, you need to expose large portions of your skin to the sun. To use the sun to maximize your vitamin D production and minimize your risk of skin damage, the middle of the day (roughly between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.) is the best and safest time. During this UVB-intense period you will need the shortest sun exposure time to produce the most vitamin D on the skin.

The optimal length of exposure is just until your skin turns the lightest shade of pink. This may only be just about 10 minutes if you have very fair skin. With darker skin, you may need a few more minutes, say 15 - 20, for maximum exposure. Once you saturate the skin, the body will not make any more vitamin D and further exposure will only result in damage to your skin so pay attention.

Overall, your best defense against any disease is a robust immune system, which vaccines can compromise. Supporting your immune system should always be at the top of your list, and vitamin D is one crucial component. Sun exposure in the cooler months can still be achieved. Head out to the hot springs or sit outside for lunch.

Whatever you do, do something to maintain and stimulate your body's natural defense against colds and flu this winter.


INGREDIENTS: basil, birch, eucalyptus, lemon, peppermint, ravensara

AFFINITY FOR: respiratory system, immune system, skin, muscles

RESONANCE: physical

APPLICATION: LeBreezey should be diluted and rubbed on the chest or back. It can also be diffused or placed on your pillow at night.

AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: LeBreezey opens bronchial and sinus passages very effectively and has been successful in alleviating snoring.

EMOTIONAL / SPIRITUAL / MENTAL ASPECTS: While generally thought of as an oil for physical illness, the aroma of LeBreezey lifts the spirits and brings a sense of confidence and self-worth.

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: LeBreezey, besides being very effective in times of illness, is an excellent respiratory tonic and immune stimulant. The inclusion of ravensara oil creates viral fighting and tissue rebuilding properties, especially for the lung and bronchial tissues. This blend should also be tried for colds, asthma, allergies, sinus congestion, and flu. LeBreezey makes an excellent muscle relaxant and pain reliever when you do not have LeWarmDown or LeDeeper handy and you have strained a muscle.

GENERAL INFORMATION: LeBreezey is often used alternately with LeAspire.


INGREDIENTS: allspice, cedarwood, orange sweet, ylang ylang

AFFINITY FOR: nerves, cardiovascular system, heart chakra, throat chakra, brow chakra, all aspects of the 5th meridian, gallbladder meridian, liver meridian

RESONANCE: physical, emotional, spiritual

APPLICATION: LeKadence is delightful as a perfume or cologne. It can be added to a bath or diffused. It is appropriate to dilute and apply anywhere on the body.

AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: The components of LeKadence are similar to LeGoodNite, but with a delightful spicy twist that completely changes its aroma, use, and frequency.

EMOTIONAL / SPIRITUAL / MENTAL ASPECTS: The focus of LeKadence is the exhaustion, both mental and physical, that is associated with too much work and worry.

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: LeKadence improves the uptake of nutrients to the brain and nervous system. It can help alleviate exhaustion in whatever form it has taken in the body and mind. LeKadence is especially useful for recovering from deep seated or extended illnesses. Sometimes sleep patterns are interrupted by nervous exhaustion, physical weakness, and worry. The body needs sleep so badly, but just cannot seem to rest. LeKadence, with the same oils that make LeGoodNite effective, can be helpful here. The addition of allspice aids the rejuvenation of the cells as the body rests.

LeKadence brings vitality to the heart chakra and the heart muscle. It reduces inflammation in and around the heart and pericardial sac. LeKadence is often effective for quieting heart palpitations, especially those brought on by worrying. This blend is useful for dizziness and vertigo. LeKadence can be helpful if one is having difficulty concentrating or keeping the mind focused on a thought or project.


INGREDIENTS: frankincense, howood, myrrh, myrtle, rosewood, sandalwood, spruce

AFFINITY FOR: emotional and spiritual balance, root chakra, brow chakra, throat chakra, crown chakra

RESONANCE: high spiritual range

APPLICATION: LeMeditation should be applied to the slight bumps on both the right and left sides of the forehead, on the crown of the head, on the shoulders, and on the back of the neck.

AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: LeMeditation creates a spiritual environment conducive to prayer and meditation; diffuse when seeking inspiration, reading scriptures, and seeking answers from above.

EMOTIONAL / SPIRITUAL / MENTAL ASPECTS: LeMeditation can help bring us to a state where we are more receptive of divine inspiration. This blend can aid us when meditating, pondering, or studying spiritual things. LeMeditation can help us discover and walk away from negative thought patterns. It will aid us in decision making by bringing us to a place where we can discern heavenly input. LeMeditation is useful for calming ourselves, finding compassion for others, and lifting ourselves out of depression. This blend can help us find the motivation to make any changes in our lives that we know need to be made.


(Citrus limonum)

INGREDIENT IN: LeBeloved, LeBenediction, LeBreezey, LeCinnamonBear, LeDeliverance, LeEverlasting, LeHeartSong, LeInsideOut, LeIQ, LeLetting Go, LeLifeForce, LeRevitalize, LeSimplicity, LeSunburst, LeSynopsis, LeTrust, LeTurmoil, LeVision, LeWeightless, LeWhispering Hope, LeWisdom

THERAPEUTIC PROPERTIES: antibiotic, sedative, carminative, diuretic, hemostatic, astringent, digestive, immunostimulant, antidepressant, stimulant, antiseptic, febrifuge, calmative, antispasmodic, anti-sclerotic, depurative, vermifuge, cicatrisive

AFFINITY FOR: respiratory system, lymphatic system, cardiovascular system, nervous system, digestive system, skin, muscles, solar plexus chakra, bladder meridian, wood element

RESONANCE: physical, emotional


PART UTILIZED: peel of fruit


AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: Lemon essential oil fills the air with a light, refreshing scent of lemons while it nourishes the nervous systems of everyone close by.

APPLICATION: Lemon oil should be diluted and applied to any area of the body. Since it helps dissolve cellulite, applying lemon to areas where cellulite has accumulated would be a good idea. Be sure to dilute to avoid irritation.

EMOTIONAL / SPIRITUAL / MENTAL ASPECTS: Lemon brings clarity of thought, aids in logical thinking, and helps us connect cause and effect in our lives. Lemon is a good oil for study sessions, improving attention span, and problem solving. Lemon can help us analyze our resentments, decide if they are based on reality or not, and then help us let go of them - real or not! Lemon makes it easier to handle the stresses of life with a sense of humor.

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: Lemon essential oil supports the respiratory system and is useful for asthma, bronchitis, sore throat, sinusitis, and most other respiratory complaints. Lemon oil tightens smooth muscles and strengthens connective tissue throughout the body. Lemon oil can be used for a liver or lymphatic cleanse. After cleansing is complete, lemon oil can stimulate the pancreas and the entire endocrine system. Lemon is very helpful in passing gallstones and is said to induce labor when the baby is over due. Lemon oil can be used to purify water and leaves no unpleasant taste behind.

Peppermint P.

(Mentha piperita)

INGREDIENT IN: LeAspire, LeBalance, LeBreezey, LeCrystal Clear, LeCypernium, LeDeeper, LeInsideOut, LeEZ Traveler, LeJulia, LeMyGraine, LePaine, LePatches, LeTendaCare, LeThermaCare, LeWakeUp

THERAPEUTIC PROPERTIES: tonic, cytophylactic, anti-infective, antiseptic, decongestant, antibiotic, antifungal, antidepressant, anti-toxic, aphrodisiac, astringent, calmative, nervine, anti-inflammatory to the nerves and the prostate

AFFINITY FOR: digestive system, tissues, nerves, mind, earth element, wood element, yang energy, throat chakra, lung meridian, small intestine meridian

RESONANCE: physical, mental


PART UTILIZED: stems, leaves, flower buds

EXTRACTION METHOD: steam distilled

AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: Peppermint oil stimulates the mind, increasing the ability to focus and concentrate. When inhaled, it restores the sense of taste by stimulating the trigeminal nerve. Oddly, inhaling peppermint oil can also curb the appetite.

APPLICATION: Peppermint oil should be diluted well before applying to the skin. Placing one drop of peppermint under the tongue and breathing past it (the peppermint oil) has been known to stop an asthma attack or clear the nasal passages and sinus cavities. Vocal performers often use this trick to dispel mucous from their throats and stimulate their vocal cords.

Peppermint is a good massage oil for stimulating circulation. Peppermint is too strong to be added to a bath.

EMOTIONAL / SPIRITUAL / MENTAL ASPECTS: Peppermint is like a rush of fresh energy into the system. It allows us to relax instead of letting anxiety build up in our body or mind. Peppermint oil is specific for people who move between highs and lows, sadness and happiness, until the ever-widening mood swings settle into lethargy, intolerance, and frustration. Just as peppermint strengthens the digestion and aids the absorption of nutrients on a physical level, it enhances our ability to "digest" new ideas and impressions.

Physical / Mental Aspects: Dr. Dembar of the University of Cincinnati discovered in a research study that inhaling peppermint oil increased the mental accuracy of the students tested by up to 28%. Peppermint oil can also be used for headaches and nerve regeneration.

Peppermint is renowned for action on the digestive system and for use in bowel disorders. It is one of the best essential oils for nausea, vomiting, morning sickness (small amounts only), mouth or gum infections, fainting, and motion sickness.

Peppermint oil is strongly anti-inflammatory and analgesic. Peppermint oil increases circulation. All varieties of peppermint essential oil are useful for muscle pain, inflamed joints, and arthritis. The anti-inflammatory properties make peppermint essential oil supportive of prostate function.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Peppermint, like lavender, is soothing in small amounts and strongly stimulating in larger amounts.

CAUTIONS: Peppermint oil is stimulating to the uterus. Extreme caution, mostly as to the amount used, should be taken with peppermint oils if pregnant.


(Rosmarinus officinalis)

INGREDIENT IN: LeAspire, LeCandila, LeCrystal Clear, LeCinnamonBear, LeDelicate, LeDeliverance, LeEnergy, LeLifeForce, LeMelaPlus, LeRevitalize, LeTurmoil, LeSimplicity, LeSpiceC, LeWakeUp, LeWithIn

THERAPEUTIC PROPERTIES: antibacterial, anti-catarrhal, anti-infective, antispasmodic, analgesic, balances the endocrine system, mucolytic, tonic, astringent, aphrodisiac, cicatrisive, cytophylactic, pectoral, antidepressant, sedative, calmative, emollient, antiseptic

AFFINITY FOR: central nervous system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, urinary system, skin, liver, solar plexus chakra, liver meridian, small intestine meridian, heart meridian, yang energy

RESONANCE: physical, emotional


PART UTILIZED: flowering plant

EXTRACTION METHOD: steam distilled

AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: Rosemary, diffused, stimulates memory function and helps to organize the thought process.

APPLICATION: Rosemary can be diluted and applied anywhere on the body. It can be added to shampoo or conditioner to cover gray in darker hair colors.

EMOTIONAL / SPIRITUAL / MENTAL ASPECTS: In emotional work using essential oils, often the influence of the oil is to create a haven of safety from which the person can relearn how to relate to their world. This is not the case with rosemary. Rosemary fosters an inquisitive spirit. Rosemary sends us out in all directions, looking for light and understanding. Understanding truth is energy in its essential form. Understanding ourselves and what is expected of us by heaven is the most important truth. This understanding is light, and light is knowledge.

Rosemary balances heart function and energizes the solar plexus. Rosemary is specific for people who are usually vibrant, organized, industrious, and sensitive. They have become apathetic due to dwelling on perceived hurts or injustices. People needing rosemary rarely become imbalanced from stress or too much work; they thrive on work. Rosemary essential oil can send them on a quest to understand what happened and why. With understanding, or even just beginning to ask the questions that will lead to understanding, comes peace.

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: A glance at the list of physical and energy systems in the affinity for section above gives you some idea of the wide range of action of this amazingly versatile essential oil. Every body system listed above impacts other body systems until rosemary's influence resonates throughout the entire system. We will detail just a few of rosemary's many therapeutic qualities here.

Rosemary's action on the brain and nervous system makes it useful for memory loss, learning difficulties, indecisiveness, and mental fatigue. It has a strong antiseptic action against intestinal infections, colitis, flatulence, liver disorders, and respiratory complaints. Being antispasmodic and analgesic, rosemary is useful for arthritis, muscle pain and weakness, and headaches. In the cardiovascular area, rosemary assists with arteriosclerosis, palpitations, poor circulation, migraine headaches, and low blood pressure.

Rosemary has an affinity for skin care, hair care, and the dissolving of cellulite. Rosemary is used to minimize gray in the hair of brunettes. The astringent properties of rosemary make it effective for dandruff, hair loss, and tightening saggy areas of skin.

Rosemary is an excellent oil for exhaustion and general debility, overindulgence in food or drink, and hangovers. Rosemary is mentioned in the literature as helpful for viral hepatitis.