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Herbal Remedies — Nature’s Nutritional Powerhouses

Herbal remedies are meant to aid us in building healthy, resilient, well-balanced, and drug-free bodies. The study and us of herbal medicine is a positive healing science. As we use them wisely in establishing optimum good health, they can be of tremendous use to us in times of serious illness and in recovering from accidents and calamities in our lives.

Herbal remedies are not witchcraft, voodoo, or magic wands. They are outstanding sources of vitamins and minerals. Herbs work for a specific problem predominantly because the have provided one, usually more than one, vital nutrient that is missing in the body. This is true of nervine herbs and herbs that are considered antidepressants. Even the heavy duty bacterial, fungal, and general infection fighting herbs work on this principle to a great extent.

To move into the realm of healing with God’s living pharmacy is to take a fuller measure of responsibility for ourselves, our own welfare, and our own happiness. The accepting of this responsibility, coupled with gratitude to the Creator, blesses and strengthens us in a myriad of wonderful ways.

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Anatomy — A few ‘strange’ (some non-Western) Things You May Not Know But Probably Should

In my mind—and I am sure in your minds—it is essential to understand both anatomy (the study of individual body parts and systems) and physiology (the study of how these parts and symptoms work together) in order to ‘read’ the foot and attempt to bring about healthy changes during a footzone therapy session.

My goal with this short class is to acquaint you with some interesting and not-so-well known information that I have come across over the years that has been helpful in my own life and in my work with other people. My hope is that something you learn here today will interest you and give you a tiny bit of helpful information that will bless your own life, the lives of your clients, and assist your families in finding the joy that comes from good health.