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Valaree Sharp

Valaree grew up in the alternative world. To her it is not an alternative world but a way of life. She is the daughter of Val and LaRee Westover and together Mom and daughter have been teaching about alternative health topics for more than 10 years.

Valaree is the mother of six children who have given her a wealth of experience. They have challenged her with broken bones, burns, scrapes, and cuts. She has been in the trenches of the flu. She loves to share her Essential Oil addiction and love of herbal medicines with others. Her love on minerals is more recent but she is facinated by the connections they have with each other and the way they imporove health.

LaRee Westover

LaRee Westover has been studying, living and teaching natural medicine modalities for over forty years. Her experience includes essential oils, herbals, and homeopathy, as well as energy work, foot zone and craniosacral therapies, to name just a few. She has an extensive knowledge of plants and their medicinal qualities.

LaRee, and her husband, believe that it is the living spirit and intelligence of God’s creations that is the foundation of alternative medicine. Plants—and the rocks and minerals, too—can exemplify the attributes of our loving Father and can, at the same time, personify lessons about the body and the soul. The possibilities for learning are endless.

Whether it is through essential oils, herbs, homeopathics (Blessed Waters), or energy modalities, LaRee’s insight into the natural and alternative worlds is precise and helpful to the novice as well as the more advanced practitioner. Her practical, no-nonsense, hands-on approach has inspired countless people to make positive changes in their lives and to then move forward inspiring and blessing the lives of others.