Respiratory Distress #4

(BRCESPIRDIS4X7) Emotional drivers

PINE The Pine Bach Flower Essence was listed by Back in the group of For Those Who suffer Despondency and Despair. Pine is useful for states connected to guilt, regret and self-reproach and an inability to objectively acknowledge one’s faults. This remedy includes nervous breathing syndrome and insomnia. Gastric and duodenal ulcers and an irritable colon are also common.

TEPLITZ AQUA (Teplitx Mineral Springs) The symptoms of Teplitz aqua include tearfulness, low spirits, irritability, and speech difficulties. This remedy is particularly indicated for gout. The symptoms are worse at night and better by drinking cold water.

VESPA CRABRO (wasp) The symptoms of Vespa crabro include hurried respiration, hoarseness, loss of voice, stinging and burning pains, pale face with drops of sweat on the forehead, arms thrown out from the body in an attempt to gasp for more air, sleepless and restless all night, and nerve and muscular excitement and irritability. Cold water first relieves and then irritates.

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