Join us for our continuing education opportunity.

While this event is geared towards the foot zone community there will be something for everyone. Come learn about essential oils, herbs, homeopathics, anatomy, muscle testing and so much more.

This will be a great opportunity to interact and learn from the vast experiences of like-minded people. We hope to provide insights and education about health and healing as it can be incorporated into and taught in a foot zone therapy session and in everyday life.

We hope the friendships forged while in this conference will be mutually beneficial for a lifetime.


Butterfly Expressions is committed to the eduction of those interested in learning about alternative medicine. We offer both traditional classroom education and online webinars for your convenience.


As you learn about essential oils, herbs/salves and tinctures, homeopathics, muscle testing and energy corrections, you will learn how to apply what you need in your life to achieve a higher level of well-being.