Company Story

Butterfly Express was established 22 years ago by LaRee Westover and her daughter Valaree Sharp. It was truly a cottage industry which they ran out of their kitchen. One of the basic reasons for starting an herbal/essential oil company was to provide others with affordable and natural alternative resources for their families.

In the very beginning stages of the company, product was filled on an “as needed” basis while you waited. There was no such thing as “inventory” or “sales”. It was word-of-mouth through family and local friends only.

As LaRee’s family grew (7 children and now 32 grandchildren) the needs of Butterfly Express changed and grew as well. True to her nature as a home-school mom, LaRee began to teach others about health alternatives through the newly formed sister company of Butterfly Expressions. LaRee sold Butterfly Express to her husband to spend her time concentrating on teaching.

Butterfly Expressions, with a staff of one beside LaRee and Valaree, focused on education and outreach. Essential oil classes, held within the homes of interested wives and mothers, were a weekly occurrence. Classes were held all up and down the inter-mountain area. Over the next 4 years thousands of individuals would receive a 3-hour instructional class about essential oils. More people were using more oil—and things were starting to hum for Butterfly Express.

Providing education and understanding about herbal medicines and essentials oils became just as important as providing good quality, affordable products. With the publishing her first book—Butterfly Miracles with Essential Oils — Butterfly Express enjoyed a giant leap forward as well.

Several more staff members were now required to fill product and, for the first time, pack and ship orders. The positive effects of essential oils were being recognized by even more people everywhere. They were telling their friends and family and the ball was rolling. The phone started ringing and the two companies started getting bigger—fast.

Butterfly Express was on its way! They began participating in larger, regional wellness conferences, preparedness expos and trade shows. Wholesale distributors were selling product from their retail stores across the country. Individual entrepreneurs, foot zonists, massage therapists, and chiropractors were using Butterfly Express essential oils in their practices.

More room was needed! More of everything was needed! Several rooms were added onto the house to contain the added staff, computers and products which were everywhere—tucked into every corner of the house and in a converted carport. However, even before moving into this new space it was evident that it would not be big enough.

Growth was exponential at this point. The only direction to go was up—literally! More rooms were added to accommodate the burgeoning company and to provide space for an amazing teaching/conference room for LaRee and Butterfly Expressions. Building and remodeling, moving and outgrowing new space became the norm. Currently yet ANOTHER new three-story facility is under construction.

Butterfly Express has become an internationally recognized essential oil company with over 30 employees, many of which are family members. In fact, on any given day three generations can be seen working side by side at Butterfly Express.

From humble roots to its current automated assembly line, Butterfly Express continues to remain true to its founding principles of providing high quality pure essential oils at an affordable price. Satisfied customers remain the best advertising for the company. Prompt and accurate service, a continually expanding product base as well as knowledgeable staff continue to set Butterfly Express apart from other essential oil companies.