Our History

I was instructed in Foot Zone techniques by the woman to whom I was going to for foot zone sessions for myself and one of my sons. She was instructed, in class, by Dr. Ersdal. My training was excellent, one-on-one, with observation and then attempts at zoning myself and, eventually, the performance of zones under her scrutiny and direction. There have been others that have received their training just as I did, from first generation foot zone therapists.

A love of anatomy and physiology has always been a part of my nature. Applying this knowledge to “zones” of the feet and seeing results in the lives of my family was exciting to me. As I watch new zone therapists starting out, I am reminded of those fine days and I find myself almost envious of them as they are at the beginning of the exiting and educational journey that I have enjoyed so much!

My original instruction in foot zone techniques began 17 years ago. Within a few years I found opportunities to teach as I had been taught, individually, many times. Like my teacher before me, I drew “maps” of the feet incorporating changes that I had discovered and felt were useful and practical. I enjoyed these teaching opportunities very much. I believe the adage that ‘if you really want to understand something, teach it’ and these teaching opportunities were wonderful learning experiences for me every time. Over the years, I have attended seminars taught by various zone therapists and have completed the We Do Feet Course, just for fun and because Brad Noall offered me such a deal and because I hoped to pick up some tips that might prove useful.

Because of my involvement with Butterfly Expressions, LLC, which educates people extensively on domestic and family health remedies, I have had the privilege of having a large number foot zone therapists in my various classes over the years. Without courting the distinction, I became somewhat of an authority and a mentor to many due to my years of experience with foot techniques and with the principles of anatomy and physiology. Eventually, there became an increasing demand that I begin to teach foot zoning more formally and in a group setting. Butterfly Miracles with Foot Zone Therapy was formally organized 2 years ago.