Respiratory Distress #1

(BRCESPIRDIS1X12) Cystic Fibrosis

FILIX MAS Symptoms of this remedy include clogging of the lymph glands and thickening of and clogging of mucosa throughout the body, including the lungs. Normally, mucus is watery. Mucus keeps the linings of certain organs moist and prevents them from drying out or getting infected. Sticky mucus builds up and can block airways, tubes and ducts throughout your body. Blocked ducts in the pancreas keep digestive enzymes from reaching the small intestine and this, in turn, keeps the intestines from absorbing fats and proteins properly.

NATRUM SALICYLICUM (sodium salicylicum) Symptoms concerning the lungs include great difficulty breathing, breathing very noisy with hallow gasps for air, panting respiration, and dryness in mouth and throat with great thirst.

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