INGREDIENTS: Blue Tansy, Celery Seed, Fir Balsam, Grapefruit, Helichrysum Angustifolia, Ledum, Myrrh, Yarrow

AFFINITY FOR: immune system, endocrine system, bilary ducts, liver, gallbladder and liver meridians, solar plexus chakra

APPLICATION: Dilute and apply to the feet or to the liver area (right upper side) of the abdomen.

AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: LeLivN, diffused or added to a bath, promotes a calm atmosphere where difficulties can be taken in stride and overcome.

EMOTIONAL - SPIRITUAL - MENTAL ASPECTS: LeLivN helps us recover our normal resilience and equilibrium when stress or illness has robbed us of focus and direction. This blend can help us be less frustrated and upset by the people and events in our lives. LeLivN helps us turn our energy and ideas into productivity and accomplishment.

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: LeLivN is a blood and liver cleansing blend. LeLivN is designed to digest and eliminate fatty cells and their load of toxins from the liver. The cleaner internal environment created by LeLivN ensures that the new cells created in the liver are healthy and better able to carry oxygen and nutrients to the cells of muscles, organs, and connective tissues. The effects of the extra nutrients and oxygen in the body are far reaching. A healthier liver, cleaner blood, and healthier cells result in the lowering of cholesterol and triglyceride levels and can have a positive influence on type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance, for example. LeLivN improves immune function and increases energy levels and stamina. For more information on fatty liver see the description of Ledum in the chapter Single Oils and Their Uses.

GENERAL INFORMATION: In most cases, use LeLivN for major cleansing programs and LeRevitalize for routine maintenance of a healthy liver and bloodstream. LeRevitalize, being a little bit milder, might a be used for mild detoxification programs following periods of increased stress or poor dietary habits.

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