Vanilla 10 Fold

(Vanilla planifolia)

THERAPEUTIC PROPERTIES:  antioxidant, aphrodisiac, anti-carcinogenic, febrifuge, antidepressant, sedative, tranquilizing

AFFINITY FOR:  hormone balance, nerves, immune system, governing vessel meridian, liver meridian

RESONANCE:  physical, emotional

PLANT FAMILY: Orchidaceae



AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS:  The aroma of Vanilla is one of the most calming and uplifting of scents. Vanilla has such a wonderful aroma that even if it had no therapeutic properties at all, I would use it every day for the scent alone.

APPLICATION:  10 Fold Vanilla is dark in color and thick.  Vanilla is usually diffused or used in candles and soaps. Vanilla is wonderful in blends.

GENERAL INFORMATION: The concentration of Vanilla Oleoresin is noted by its “fold,” the more times it is folded the stronger the Vanilla fragrance will be.  10 Fold Vanilla is the most common concentration used as an oil.  It is made by diluting the semi-solid vanilla oleoresin to the desired concentration.  The Emotional and Physical uses of 10 Fold Vanilla are the same as the other Vanilla Essential Oils.

EMOTIONAL - SPIRITUAL - MENTAL ASPECTS: The aroma of Vanilla helps us feel confident that the future will be full of promise and hope. Vanilla can give us hope, perspective, and confidence in our ability to listen to inspiration and seek guidance from the Spirit. Vanilla is a very welcoming and warming oil. It can set a very romantic tone.

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: The removal of free radicals from the body will gradually result in a stronger immune system, better memory, improved vision and hearing, more stable emotions, improved mental acuity, and overall repair of body systems, organs, and tissues. Vanilla, used regularly, can accomplish all this and with such a pleasant aroma! Vanilla can reduce the heat and the inflammation of a fever, while calming the patient into a peaceful sleep. Vanilla is one of the best oils for hyperactivity in any body system or organ. It is a great oil for insomnia or high blood pressure. Vanilla activates certain precursors that are necessary for hormone balance.

GENERAL  INFORMATION:  Vanilla essential oil is heavy and dark colored. Blends to which it has been added need to be shaken well before use. Even if you faithfully shake the blend, there will always be a dark pool in the bottom of the bottle, but the energy, aroma, and therapeutic properties of the Vanilla have infused into the entire blend.

Which Vanilla should I choose?

“Fold” is a term used to describe the strength—the concentration of aroma and healing properties—of an essential oil extracted from oleoresins such as Vanilla plantifolia. The higher the fold number the more pronounced and deep is the aroma of the essential oil. A higher-fold vanilla essential oil will also be thicker, more viscous, and darker in color. Most manufacturers and distributors of vanilla essential oil do not advertise, or even disclose, the ‘fold’ of their oil. Quality must be determined by obtaining samples and then purchasing accordingly. A 10-fold vanilla is considered to be a high-quality essential oil. Since it is the policy of Butterfly Express, LLC. to purchase the best essential oils that can be found on the market, sometimes a very good vanilla oil becomes available—one that is especially dark, viscous, and with an outstanding aroma. In other words, either Vanilla oil carried by Butterfly will be of outstanding quality and, if properly cared for, will become even better over time.

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