Golden Corydalis

(Corydalis aurea)

INDICATIONS: Cannot get all of one’s talents and skills to work together in a focused way; overwhelmed by new experiences; cannot make sense of how one’s life fits together.

HEALING QUALITIES: Supports the reintegration of identity after an experience of deep transformation: helps us establish and maintain a link with the higher self that facilitates the integration of life experience according to the needs of the soul.

EMOTIONAL CONSIDERATIONS: Ancestral Healing, Assimilation, Clutter Clearing, Communication, Cooperation, Creativity, Focus, Integration, Overwhelmed, Synthesis

**All descriptions of spiritual and physical healing properties were researched and collected from various sources. This information is offered as a service and is not meant to treat medical conditions. Butterfly Expressions does not guarantee the accuracy of any of these statements.

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Golden Corydalis

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