INGREDIENTS: Copaiba Balsam, Eucalyptus Radiata, Fir Balsam, Frankincense

AFFINITY FOR: muscles, joints, tendons, respiratory system, circulation, lymphatic system, vascular system, energy centers

APPLICATION: LeAmplify should be diluted and rubbed on sore, tight muscles. Apply to the back and chest for respiratory applications. Use as a massage oil. Diffuse or add to the bath.

AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: LeAmplify has a light, mellow, slightly spicy conifer aroma that delights the senses but is not overwhelming. The Copaiba Balsam contained in this blend mellows the aroma so that it has a very light fragrance so if you find essential oils too strong sometimes this is a great essential oil blend to pick.

EMOTIONAL - SPIRITUAL - MENTAL ASPECTS: LeAmplify helps us to feel more resilient and stronger emotionally. It is an excellent choice for use during meditation, prayer, or yoga as it helps to open our minds to the inspirations of heaven. LeAmplify contains essential oils known for their grounding and centering properties so it is great for times when our lives are changing and we are feeling unsure of our path.

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: LeAmplify is wonderful for layering with other essential oils to boost circulation, improve healing power, and assist with pain reduction. Each of the essential oils in this blend have some of the best known constituents for managing pain, reducing inflammation, and bringing oxygen to damaged cells. It has a wonderful ability to open our energy centers which helps reduce congestion and stimulates our natural healing abilities.

GENERAL INFORMATION: This essential oil blend was originally formulated to be added to other blends to “amplify” their healing and pain relieving properties, but is also wonderful to use all by itself. Layer with LeDeeper, LeMillenia, LeIntensity, LeFortitude, or your favorite pain relieving essential oil blend to help reduce your pain levels. Add it to LeBreezey or LeAspire for a wonderful respiratory decongestant. It can even be layered with LeInsideOut or LeJulia for tummy complaints. It is wonderful to layer with your favorite emotional blend such as LeHeartSong or LeBeloved to help open your chakras and meridians. This blend can be layered as a companion essential oil blend to “amplify” the healing properties of any essential oil.

CAUTIONS: Avoid sunlight on areas of skin that LeAmplify has been applied to.

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