INGREDIENTS: Ajowan, Allspice, Clove Bud, Frankincense, Orange Sweet, Thyme

AFFINITY FOR: cardiovascular health, metabolism of vitamins and minerals, nutrient rich

APPLICATION: LeEternity should be diluted and applied on the chest along the sternum. Apply to the bottom of the feet for a whole body rejuvenation. Wear as a perfume, or diffuse for an uplifting scent.

AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: The aroma of LeEternity balances energy and improves both mood and mental outlook. LeEternity has a warm spicy fragrance that will warm and energize all systems of the body.

EMOTIONAL - SPIRITUAL - MENTAL ASPECTS: LeEternity has been formulated with Allspice and Clove, which come from the spices category of essential oils. The balance that spice oils can bring to our lives is amazing. We can be more in love with life, more animated, happy, warm-hearted, spontaneous, dynamic, and self-assured. When spice oils are added to a blend they help us become energetic, productive, and practical. They accomplish these amazing things mostly by increasing cellular oxygen levels.

The spice oils have a stimulating and toning effect on our bodies and minds. In an excellent example of synergy, spice oils enhance the action and power of the other oils in any blend in which they are placed. Spice oils also illustrate the principle of natural remedies returning the body to a state of homeostasis, or balance. They often act as both a stimulant when energy levels are low and as a sedative during times when our bodies and minds are stressed and need to rest and relax in order to rebuild.

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: LeEternity has powerful anti-oxidant properties. It enhances vitamin and mineral absorption for the overall improvement of health and vitality. LeEternity, because it helps the body absorb calcium, can help prevent such things as osteoporosis. The oils in this blend have been used traditionally for various problems related to the cardiovascular system. Useful for recovering after illness, injury, surgery, or stressful events because the body loses critical vitamins and minerals during those times.

GENERAL INFORMATION: LeEternity is a great essential oil to use everyday to supply the body with nutrients, and help the body internalize and absorb those nutrients. LeEternity is an excellent oil to help the body repair and rebuild.

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