INGREDIENTS: Cypress, Goldenrod, Juniper Berry, Lemongrass, Orange Sweet, Palo Santo, Spanish Sage, Tangerine

AFFINITY FOR: urinary tract, solar plexus chakra

THERAPEUTIC PROPERTIES: anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, astringent, cardiovascular tonic, diuretic, lymphatic decongestant, antiseptic

APPLICATION: LeReflections, diluted, should be applied to the abdomen, the lower back, and the soles of the feet with emphasis on the in-step area. LeReflections can be added to the bath and makes an excellent compress over the kidney area for infections or inflammation.

AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: Diffused, can help lift the cloud of negativity which may be pulling us under emotionally and spiritually and clouding our mental perceptions and processes.

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: The kidneys have been given the vital task of collecting and disposing of the waste products from cellular metabolism. The kidneys also regulate the balance of fluids throughout our bodies. The accumulation of waste material in cells and joints contributes to such conditions as arthritis, muscle pain, nephritis, kidney stones, and neuralgia—to name just a few. Urinary infections and inflammation in the bladder often occur during times of stress, particularly relationship stresses. The kidneys are also involved with the production of red blood cells affecting energy levels and our ability to give and receive love.

EMOTIONAL - SPIRITUAL - MENTAL ASPECTS: The fluids in the body are believed to have a direct correspondence to emotions. It is the function of the kidneys to remove emotions, especially negative ones, that are no longer serving and protecting us. Resentment created by past events, fear of the future, fear of being inadequate and unable to accomplish upcoming tasks, and fear that you are being attacked or prevented from being the independent individual that you would like to be are a few of the many negative emotions which may “drown” us when the kidneys are failing in their proper function.

There is an emotional interplay between the paired kidneys which, when one or the other is stressed, can show up in our lives as imbalances in the masculine and feminine energies that drive our perceptions of ourselves and our relationships. Stress in one kidney, rather than the other, can give us clues as to whether we are struggling primarily with perceptions relating to ourselves or relating to the people around us.

The kidneys respond immediately to fear, grief, and loss. LeReflections can strengthen our kidney function, helping us to cope emotionally with the events of our lives.

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