LeScent-a-Mintal (Limited Edition)

INGREDIENTS: Cinnamon Berry, Coffee, Peppermint, Ylang

AFFINITY FOR: Lung Meridian, Circulation, Muscles, Nerves

RESONANCE: Physical, Mental, Emotional

APPLICATION: LeScent-a-Mintal was created to be diffused, however it can be applied to the body but careful dilution is advised due to the peppermint contained in this blend. Add several drops to a diffuser, apply to a cotton ball, or inhaler to enjoy the aroma. Add to a carrier, or lotion of your choice for an invigorating icy sensation.

AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: LeScent-a-Mintal is a peppy peppermint blend with notes of cinnamon and coffee. This blend has an underlying rich note and reminds me of mint chocolate.

EMOTIONAL / SPIRITUAL / MENTAL ASPECTS: Diffusing LeScent-a-Mintal during the holidays will help you feel energized, focused, and ready to enjoy your holidays to the fullest. This blend will help create an atmosphere of welcome and warmth in the home or office. It brings a fresh perspective on old, stagnant ideas, and gives us the passion to see our ideas come to fruition.

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: LeScent-a-Mintal will clear away congestion, aid concentration, energize the body, and support the immune system that often gets overlooked during the crazy holiday season. LeScent-a-Mintal is excellent applied diluted to the chest for a decongestant, or to the back of the neck to refocus yourself if the holidays have you feeling stressed.

GENERAL INFORMATION: LeScent-a-Mintal was created to bring the classic smell of candy canes and all of the wonderful memories that aroma brings up and instill child-like wonder to the holiday season. Candy Canes have been part of Christmas celebrations since 1874 and have been flavored with peppermint for years. Candy Canes are said to have religious representations. The “J” part of the candy cane is supposed to mean “Jesus”, the white represents the purity of Jesus Christ, and the red is to represent the blood he shed for us when he died on the cross.

CAUTIONS: Use caution if pregnant, nursing, or when using around infants and children, or if your skin is particularly sensitive. This blend may be unsafe for someone with a history of seizures.

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