LeZest For Life

INGREDIENTS: Allspice, Ginger, Orange Sweet

AFFINITY FOR: digestive, circulation, memory, respiratory system, immune system

APPLICATION: Apply diluted on the feet, down the spine, on the stomach to help digestive complaints, or behind the ears, and on the wrists for a delightfully spicy perfume. Diffuse for a powerful boost to the immune system, add to the tub for relaxing muscles and toning the entire body.

AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: LeZest For Life is wonderfully spicy with sweet tones of Ginger and Orange. It is wonderful for diffusing and adds a spice to the air that reminds one of being in Grandma’s kitchen safe and loved.

EMOTIONAL - SPIRITUAL - MENTAL ASPECTS: LeZest For Life brings warmth and circulation and burns away illusions and misperceptions leaving clarity, purpose, and a new “zest for life” emotionally. It will boost our vitality, mentally and physically. LeZest For Life will aid us when we are emotionally struggling, relieve depression, help with nervous exhaustion, and renew our minds and souls.

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: LeZest For Life contains essential oils known for warming the body, clearing our minds and giving us a fresh “zest for life.” This blend is great for motion sickness, upset stomachs, boosting the immune system, and toning the entire body. It is useful for body aches, colds, and flu, and brings warmth and circulation to areas to which it is applied. LeZest For Life is great for respiratory ailments, improves lymphatic drainage, and helps to alleviate muscle aches and pains.

CAUTIONS: Should be diluted well.

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