Aconitum napellus


Use for shock following a violent or frightening event; earache with pain; eyes feel dry and hot with red and swollen eyelids; unquenchable thirst during fever; numbness and tingling; hot hands and cold feet; urine retention in infants or mothers right after delivery; use during delivery for women who feel they are about to die; acute, sudden and violent illness with high fever; influenza and colds.

(Pregnancy, Childbirth and Infant Care) This is predominantly a remedy for acute conditions of many varieties such as a miscarriage or a threatened premature birth that may have come on suddenly with little warning. There will be sudden hemorrhage of bright red blood with faintness and panic, shock, and urine retention in mother or baby. Other symptoms include loss of milk in the nursing mother after a fright or exposure to cold and inflammation of the breast that comes on suddenly and is usually accompanied by fever. In babies and children especially, there will be fever that is sudden and goes high quickly.
There will be a lot of fear and worry with the mother continually asking, “Am I going to be OK?” During labor, there will be vaginal dryness and slower than optimal dilation. Circulation and nerve issues may manifest as numbness and tingling of hands and feet.
Keynotes of Aconite are always centered around the situation being brought on by, or accompanied by, the symptoms coming on very suddenly and rapidly. There remedy is particularly useful if the mother is frightened by the thought of labor or has been fearful throughout the pregnancy. Aconite is also excellent following an emergency such as a shoulder dystocia, where panic, palpitations, and rapid pulse are present and remain even after the crisis has passes. The suddenness and violence with which symptoms come on is the most important keynote of this remedy and the sooner the remedy is given, the better will be the results!
(Miscarriages) Aconite is for threatened miscarriage following a scare or a miscarriage manifesting with fright, anxiety, and great restlessness. The pains will be shooting, sharp, and centered deep in the uterus. There will probably be great fear of her own impending death as well as very low tolerance for and despair at the pain.
(Anxiety) Aconite is a polycrest remedy for accidents or illnesses that were sudden enough or severe enough to induce fear, shock, or great anxiety. The anxiety and fear is often accompanied by a fear of death or fear of the future. There will likely be tingling, with coldness and numbness all over the body. This is an excellent remedy for nightmares, phobias, insomnia with thrashing about, despair from pain, and panic attacks The symptoms are usually worse at night.
The Aconitum symptoms picture includes nightmares, phobias, and panic attacks. Fear of the future, often with a particular fear of death, will make labor an unpleasant experience unless the fear can be brought into perspective. This remedy may help with those emotions. There is also often a special fear of doctors and fears that she cannot possibly endure the pain. There will almost always be restlessness and the need to be doing something besides just waiting out the labor.
(Bleeding/Hemorrhage) Symptoms of Aconitum include sudden active hemorrhage of bright red blood with faintness, panic, and shock. There will be sharp, shooting pains in the uterus.
(Resuscitation) Symptoms of Aconitum includes fear of impending death and a pronounced fear of doctors. This remedy is for emergency situation contributed to or brought on by fright or alarming circumstances. The development of Aconite symptoms is sudden and alarming in intensity.
(Shock) Shock for which Aconitum is indicated is accompanied by, or brought on by, great fear. Aconite symptoms always come on suddenly and with intensity and usually include palpitations and rapid pulse. There is fear of the future and a pronounced fear of doctors with people needing Aconitum.
(Urine Retention) With Aconitum the genital area is dry and tender. Urinating is painful and difficult and comes drop by drop. There will be burning at the neck of the bladder. The woman will be nervous and excitable with anxiety on attempting to pass urine. There is fear of death or that something is going to go terribly wrong.

MENTALS: Ailments from fright or emotional shock; nightmares, phobias, panic attacks, fear of the future; fear of death; despair from pain; forebodings about the future

CONDITIONS: Sunstroke; shock; flu; fever, with great thirst; chills; eye injuries and inflammation earache; headache; follows exposure to cold, dry wind, too much sun, fright, or panic attack.

COMMENTS AND INDICATIONS: For the first stages of illness; symptoms come on suddenly and dramatically and are accompanied by anxiety and restlessness; particularly suited for anything that is the result of shock or extreme fear and fright.

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