Aethusa cynapium

(Fool's Parsley)

(Pregnancy, Childbirth and Infant Care) This remedy is particularly useful when an infant has been or is ill and cannot, for a time, tolerate their mother’s milk. The keynote and most reliable indicator for Aethusa is projectile vomiting or diarrhea within a few moments of nursing This cycle brings about dehydration and exhaustion with the baby falling asleep for a short while afterwards and then waking hungry as ever only to repeat the cycle until they become very dehydrated and too weak to nurse at all.
(Failure to Thrive) The baby will display projectile vomiting or diarrhea immediately after nursing, often due to pyloric stenosis. The baby becomes dehydrated and exhausted. She will sleep a few moments after nursing a little bit, wake hungry and nurse for another few moments. Then the cycle begins again, to continue until the infant becomes too weak and exhausted to nurse. This remedy, clear liquids and electrolytes—given intravenously if necessary—may be needed to turn things around. This is a serious and frightening situation.

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