Agnus Castus

(Chaste Tree)

More properly placed in the Verbenaceae family but fits here best because of pattern of excitability. Itching in all parts, but especially the eyes; sadness with a fixed idea of death; worn out, usually from overindulgence and excess; abdomen extended after meals; sprains and strains from lifting a little too much; mouth very dry; only the most simple foods agree; nausea in pit of stomach after eating; chronic diarrhea.

KEYNOTES: Hormonal disorders; premature aging; sexual weakness; sprains changeable moods; sadness with a fixed idea of impending death; infertility.

SANKARAN MENTALS: Must keep his (sexual) excitement totally controlled.

MIASM: Cancer (The combining of the sycosis and the syphilis miasm is clearly seen here.)

COMPARISONS: Selenium, Conium maculatum, Natrum muriaticum, Sepia succus, Sabal serrulata, Camphora, Lycopodium clavatum

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