Aloe socotrina

(Common Aloes)

Sensation of fullness in parts with a dragging down feeling; sadness in morning, but better later in the day; bloated abdomen, more on the left side; tends to a sedentary lifestyle, with poor habits and poor diet; pain deep in the eye sockets; headaches above forehead with heaviness in eyes, helps to partially close them; headaches are worse for heat but better for cold.

KEYNOTES: Sense of insecurity; dissatisfied and angry about himself; aversion to people; small hemorrhoids, like a bunch of grapes, which bleed profusely; itching of the skin that appears each year as winter approaches.

SANKARAN METALS: Feeling that he is being forced out and excluded because he is somehow not good enough.

MIASM: Leprosy. The Leprosy miasm includes an intense desire to change things, even to the point of suicide or homicide if it gets bad enough.

COMPARISONS: Sulphur, Camphora, Lycopodium clavatum, Nux vomica

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