Ambra grisea

(Morbid Secretion of the Whale)

This is a remedy specific to the nerves. It is especially indicated for those who are anemic, experiencing abnormal coldness, weakened by age or overwork, and whose symptoms are aggravated by music or by slight or unusual things.

PHYSICAL/GENERAL: Keynote of bashful bladder and bowel—unable to urinate or pass stool if others are anywhere present; tearing pains at crown; headache pains so bad that hearing is impaired; bleeding gums; palpitations with pressure in the chest as if an abnormal lump was lodged there; cramps in hands and fingers when grasping something; arms numb; nervous spasmodic cough; cannot sleep because of worry; coldness and twitching during sleep; anxious dreams; sweat on slight exertion; bleeding between periods—lying down aggravates the bleeding; distention of stomach and abdomen; feeling of coldness in abdomen

MENTAL/EMOTIONAL: Dwells on unpleasant things; slow comprehension; forgetful; cannot understand what is being read; bashful, blushes easily; jumping from one subject to another, never waiting to have a question answered before moving on the next one

MODALITIES: Worse from the presence of others; worse from any change in routine; worse in the morning

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