Anas barbariae

Anas barbariae (also known as Oscillococcinum) is believed to have been developed by Joseph Roy in 1925 after he observed a germ that moved in an oscillating manner. He is said to have observed this same movement in the bacterium in the blood of flu victims, which he named oscillococcus. Roy searched for the bacterium until he felt he had found it on the liver of a duck. Roy proposed making a homeopathic preparation with the homeopathic principle that “like cures like” and that a disease can be cured by small amounts of the substance that causes similar symptoms. Today’s modern preparation is created using the dilutions of an extract from the heart and liver of Muscovy duck. This remedy has been a popular flu remedy for over 65 years and is widely used in more than 50 countries.

MENTALS: Person with fixed ideas, anxious without motive. A busy body. Cannot bear disorder. Fear of dirt. Fear of being polluted.

CONDITIONS: Flu. Colds. Bursting headaches. Muscle Aches. Abdominal cramping followed by diarrhea. Cannot digest milk or eggs. Stuffy nose. Aches. Tendency to get influenza. Painful congestion in the ears. Bronchial congestion. Sensitive to the cold. Chills.

COMMENTS AND INDICATIONS: This is a faithful remedy at the onset of flu. Give this remedy at the first sign of flu and it is said to be very successful in cutting short the duration of sickness. This remedy is often used regularly over the winter months to either prevent influenza or to treat influenza.

Anas barbariae

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