Antimonium tartaricum

(Tartar Emetic)

(Chicken Pox) The pox sores typically needing this remedy will appear slowly and be unusually large. The child will most likely have a dry cough.

(Vaccinosis) Drowsiness and abdominal pain following a vaccination

(Pregnancy, Childbirth and Infant Care) During labor this remedy may be useful for rigidity of the cervix with pelvic inflammation.
A newborn who might benefit from this remedy will be pale, gasping, breathless, usually as the result of meconium aspiration during the birth. These symptoms may also indicate immature or improperly developed lungs and if often indicated for bronchitis and other respiratory ailments in babies and children.
An important keynote is rattling of mucus with little expectoration. The person will become increasingly weak and drowsy, with lack of reaction to stimuli. A nursing infant will let go of the nipple as if the are needing to take a breath.
(Cervix—unyielding) Many times when the cervix is dilating very slowly, Antimonium is what is needed. The mother will be feeling nauseous and experiencing shortness of breath. There will often be a history of pelvic inflammation.
(Lack of Progress During Labor) Pelvic inflammation may have been a problem throughout the pregnancy or is chronic to the woman even between pregnancies and is one of the keynote indicators for choice of this remedy over some others when the cervix is rigid and inflamed.
(Resuscitation) The woman becomes increasingly weak with a pale bluish face and cold sweat. She will be drowsy with lack of reaction and her chin and lower jaw will be quivering.
(Asphyxia) The Antimonium picture is as different from Aconite as it can be. The baby becomes increasingly weak with the face becoming pale and bluish. The infant will be drowsy with lack of reaction to attempts to stimulate or interact with him. The body will be covered with a cold sweat and the chin and lower jaw will quiver.
(Respiratory Ailments Pneumonia) Some of the specific symptoms of Antimonium include rattling of mucous in the chest with little expectoration and the infant lets go of the nipple and cries out as if out of breath. Immature lungs, with resultant labored heart action, should be looked for as a causative factors. The baby wants to be carried about in an upright position.

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