Apeira syringaria

(Lilac Beauty)

Information based on one dream proving and one case history reported by Patricia LeRoux.

RESPONSIBILITY: This remedy is about taking to much responsibility rather than too little, as is common with butterfly remedies. The person’s energy is spent caring fork worrying about and taking responsibility for others and surviving the conflicts of life situation (parents, family members, co-workers).

SENSATION/EMOTION: Feeling is that of being crumpled with nothing left to give and no way out. Interestingly, this moth is light in color with crimped edges on its wings. It very much resembles a crumpled leaf.

PHYSICAL: Recurrent pain in the neck and shoulders which restricts arm movements; conjunctivitis; eruptions of eczema between the fingers (this prover was a harp player, making the fingers an interesting place for the skin issues of the butterfly pattern to manifest); bruises; clammy cold hands and feet (again, the hands); urine incontinence at night; vaginal discharge when immune system is low

FOOD: Craves sweets but dislikes fatty foods, milk, eggs, anything unfamiliar

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