Apis mellifica

(Honey Bee)

Because Apis is an insect remedy, indications for this remedy will always include the general symptoms of burning, stinging and swelling. The swelling may be anywhere but puffy eyes are a keynote as is allergic swelling of the face, mouth, and throat. The abdomen is extremely tender with rumbling and pain. There is usually heart palpitations of a rather violent nature accompanied by inflammation of the kidneys.

Since Apis is an insect remedy it will have the general symptoms of burning, stinging, swelling and any pain that is present will have a bruised quality to it. There will be a distinct lack of thirst and all conditions will be aggravated by heat and better for cold applications. Other indicators may include irritability, tearfulness, weepiness—cannot stop crying—and vertigo that is worse when sitting and extreme when lying down.

Some conditions for which Apis might be indicated—if the general symptoms match—include cystitis, urine retention, toxemia with swelling, edema of extremities, puffiness of the face, high blood pressure. Apis should be considered if there is any blood flow early in labor. (Bleeding early in labor is never a good sign.)

(Itching of Skin) Apis is an insect remedy so automatically comes with burning no matter what other things may be going on. Some symptom are hives and skin rashes with burning and stinging. Apis symptoms are always worse at night.

(Toxemia) Stinging pains, localized swelling with redness and heat, thirstlessness, intolerance of heat, and slow or nonexistent urination are some of the symptoms of Apis. Natrum muriaticum is complementary to Apis and should be considered for use at the same time.

(UTI) Apis is keynoted by urine that is scanty or suppressed or urine may be profuse—much more than fluid intake accounts for. In either case, urine has deep color and causes burning.

(Convulsions) At the onset of the convulsion, the brain feels very tired with a dull, heavy sensation in the occiput as if from a blow. Triggers of the convulsion may be allergies, grief at bad news, or a fright.

(Urine Retention) Apis is characterized by the opposing symptoms of scanty or suppressed urine and urine output being much more profuse than the quantity of fluid consumed accounts for. The urine will have a deep color and there will be burning when urinating. The burning sensation will be worst as the last drops are passed.

MENTALS: The person is often irritable, restless, and nervous with busyness much like the constant motion of the honey bee. In children, there is constant and continual whining.

CONDITIONS: Allergies; allergic shock; bee stings; edema; hives; itching of any sort; kidney disorders; rashes including those from nettles; ovarian cysts; stinging pains; swelling; toxemia; urticaria

COMMENTS AND INDICATIONS: Apis is a slow acting remedy. Dosage often needs to be continued—if the symptoms match the remedy well—for a day or two before improvement occurs. This is unusual in homeopathic treatment; do not give up on the remedy too soon.