Aqua marina

(Sea Water)

Sea water contains all of the minerals of the periodic table and is particularly useful for great weakness and for lack of reaction to other homeopathic remedies. It is like a massive elemental combination homeopathic in one remedy. This last rubric, lack of reaction to remedies, brings to mind the psora miasm which is common to all mankind and indicates a strong connection to birth and birth traumas. Not surprisingly, this remedy is often effective for thyroid problems; it may condition the body for the uptake and more efficient utilization of iodine as well as other minerals. One homeopathic practitioner mention Aqua marina for its rapid action with new-born infants suffering from malnutrition and gastroenteritis. This remedy is specific for treatment of diseases of the skin, kidneys, lungs, and intestines.

BLOOD: Aqua marina is one of the foremost remedies for purifying and revitalizing the blood.

SEASICKNESS: Used for sensitivity to the ocean, fear of the ocean, ailments worsened by living near or visiting the sea, and for seasickness.

PHYSICAL/GENERAL: Hypersensitive people with congestion of veins and mucous membranes; general fatigue in the morning
Arthritis of the spine, scapula, and shoulder; stiffness and pain in neck and along the spine; pain at nape of neck with difficulty turning the head; stinging pain in the right ear; headaches with vertigo; localized pain in the forehead and occiput; buzzing in ears with visual disturbances; morning cough with a rusty taste at the back of the throat; early tuberculosis; itching of the toes, inner side of thighs, and at the bends of arms and legs; eczema of the palms; rectal bleeding; pin worms; fetid smelling perspiration of the hands and feet; feeling of a hair or fish bone stuck in the throat;

MENTAL/EMOTIONAL: Unstable, nervous dispositions; anxiousness that is aggravated by talking or being with people; intellectual concentration difficult; absent-minded; slow and apathetic; delusion of being watched or spied upon

MODALITIES: Unusual symptom of increased appetite and thirst, often about 11:30 am with the appetite and the thirst still there, or increasing, after eating; aversion to eating fish; desires salt—salt makes symptoms better in some people and worse in others as does the drinking of cold water; generally worse for pressure and heat; worse in the afternoon and evening; usually better for eating and from resting.

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