Arnica montana

(Leopard's Bane)

This is a favorite remedy of mine in every potency and made into an oil (soaked), also.
Arnica—when not in homeopathic form—is not to be taken internally and should be used with care on an open wound as it is can be an irritant to tissues, especially mucous membranes. Use for trauma and its effects, long ago or recent—from blows, falls, injuries, contusions, bruises, sprains. Amazingly effective where there has been bleeding into soft tissues. Use post-operative for pain and to promote rapid healing. Excellent remedy in labor and immediately postpartum.

(Headaches) A concussion, injury, and shock remedy. The headache pain of Arnica is a bruised feeling. The headache is worse for bending over, and the person will wince and draw away if you reach out to touch their head. With movement, the pain sometimes becomes sharp, almost stabbing. Arnica should be taken whenever there has been a blow to the head, especially when there is an accompanying headache.

KEYNOTES: Influenza with bruised muscles; severe mental stress or shock, particularly following an injury; restless in bed; can’t get comfortable, everything feels too hard; wants to be left alone; insists that he is fine; use in women for labor pains that are weak and intermittent and the woman feels as if she is bruising and swelling internally

SANKARAN MENTALS: Great fear of being hurt, mentally as well as physically; fear of being approached or touched lest he be hurt even worse; fear of approaching others

MIASM: Acute

COMPARISONS: Bellis perennis, Baptisia tinctoria, Rhus toxicodendrom, Calcarea phosphorica, Ruta graveolens, Bryonia alba, Sulphur, Pyrogenium, Opium

FIRST AID CONDITIONS: Bruising; sprains; strains; falls; blows; sports injuries; overexertion; exhaustion; headache; pain; inflammation; bleeding; head injuries; eye injuries; joint pain; post surgery pain; shock; injuries to muscles; sore, bruised feeling all over the body

FIRST AID COMMENTS AND INDICATIONS: Arnica is the #1 remedy for any type of injury, even if received years earlier. Keynote: the person often refuses examination, telling you they are just fine when they obviously are not. Arnica promotes healing, controls bleeding, reduces swelling, and prevents infection and the formation of pus—amazing!

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