Arsenicum album

(White Oxide of Arsenic)

A leading remedy for intestinal, stomach, or chest-type influenza. Symptoms are exhaustion with great restlessness, shortness of breath when not sitting up, catarrh, abdomen swollen and painful, enlarged spleen and liver, headache which is relieved by cold, nausea and vomiting, craving cold water but vomiting it immediately, high fever, and vertigo during coughing or retching spells.

FIRST AID CONDITIONS: Allergies; diarrhea; fevers; flu; food poisoning; nausea; pneumonia; weakness

FIRST AID COMMENTS AND INDICATIONS: A true polycrest remedy and should be used as a first response remedy whenever there is flu, food poisoning, diarrheas, nausea, great weakness, and a host of other symptoms.

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