(Gum of the Stinkasand)

Dissatisfied with one’s self; irritable; magnifies her symptoms; craves sympathy; decay of bones; aching bone pains which change places and are better by touch; irritability during menses, alternating with indifference; headache that is pressive pain from within pushing outward.

KEYNOTES: Offensive discharges; reverse peristalsis; diarrhea; over sensitivity, mental and physical; spasmodic tightness in the chest.

SANKARAN MENTALS: voidance of unexpected blows or stabs. They see themselves as weak, so they avoid violent and dangerous situations.

MIASM: Sycotic, according to Sankaran; others mention Syphilis, but, in my opinion, the remedy lacks the deep despair and destructiveness that is characteristic of Syphilis.

COMPARISONS: Aurum metallicum, China officinalis, Lachesis muta, Mercurius solublis, Valerian officinalis

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