Aurum metallicum

(Gold Metal)

The picture of Aurum metallicuim depression is a very specific and particular one. This remedy is for people who set very high standards for themselves and feel that they have failed to meet them. There is always a fear of failure in people needing Aurum. Consider this remedy for depression brought on by business reversals, a lower grade than the usual on a report card, or not the expected A grade. Consider Aurum also for someone who has lost or fallen from a perceived social position.
This type of suicidal intent or talk is not a cry for attention; suicide is seen as the only way to gain relief from the pain they feel as the result of their perceived failure! The person is often experiencing chronic insomnia. Aurum metallicum is not a cure-all for depression. It is essential that the basic Aurum symptoms be present in other aspects of the person’s life. miasm: syphilis.

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