Bellis perennis

(English Daisy)

Trauma, similar to Arnica in many respects; injuries to the deeper tissues after major surgery; septic wounds; use for sore bruised feeling in pelvic area; migraine headaches with pain in the eyes; boils; prone to illness after a sudden chill or soaking

KEYNOTES: Profound effect on female organs and complaints; varicose vein; Predominantly left-sided remedy

SANKARAN MENTALS: Controlling, or need to control, every potential problem; tidiness and punctuality considered extremely important.

MIASM: Cancer

COMPARISONS: Ruta graveolens, Arnica montana

FIRST AID CONDITIONS: Bruises; joint pain from getting chilled or drinking cold water after being very hot; headache; pregnancy: pain in groin when walking (trapped nerve)

FIRST AID COMMENTS AND INDICATIONS: Small but important remedy in first aid; it is indicated for any ailment that follows a plunge into cold water (or even a drink that was too cold) when a person was overheated; a follow up to arnica if arnica fails to acts or the action stalls out after a time.

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