Bitis arietans

(Puff Adder)

Bitis is a left-sided remedy; Bitis “puffs” itself up when threatened; does not slither like other snakes but moves with a caterpillar-like movement; venom is extremely cytotoxic, destroying blood and tissues

HEART: Constriction in chest; low blood pressure;

BLOOD/HEMORRHAGIC: Bleeding into tissues with necrosis of the tissues;

KIDNEYS: Pain before and during urination; uncontrollable urge to urinate; pain in lower abdomen from putting off urination; ineffectual bearing down pains with no urine flow

LUNGS: Asthma; needs to sit up to breathe; feeling of a weight on the chest which does not allow the chest to expand enough allow breath to be taken in; lungs congested; feeling of coldness in lungs and airways

PHYSICAL/GENERAL: Single irritating scab on back of head (like I inherited a tendency for from my Grandmother); vertigo even sitting worsened by turning the head, bending forward, closing the eyes, concentrating; headache made worse by cold food or drink; throbbing temples, sometimes oscillating from side to side; sinuses congested; nose full of crusts; cannot breathe through the nose; lips and mouth dry but no thirst; uncontrollable hunger with need to eat at short intervals—hunger increases late in the day; sore feeling in head after the headache has passed; aching in left side of nose, in the bone, with dull headache; one large dry scabby pimple on the scalp that is long and narrow; venous swelling; varicose veins, cellulitis

MENTAL: Suspicious of others, fears they are going to hurt him; fear of death; irritable; angry at trifles; keeping busy keeps anger under control; lonely; feels deserted by family; intolerant of contradiction; wants to cry and be comforted; claustrophobic around people; insecure; lacking in confidence; untidy; mouth seems disconnected from brain; conflict between heart and mind and between male and female sensitivities; mind races then becomes lethargic then races again; wants to talk but feels no one cares

MODALITIES: Better from exertion and exercise; cravings for cheese but cheese aggravates digestive system; better for fresh air; craving for chocolate

PHYSICAL/GENERAL: Hypersensitive people with congestion of veins and mucous membranes; general fatigue in the morning
Arthritis of the spine, scapula, and shoulder; stiffness and pain in neck and along the spine; pain at nape of neck with difficulty turning the head; stinging pain in the right ear; headaches with vertigo; localized pain in the forehead and occiput; buzzing in ears with visual disturbances; morning cough with a rusty taste at the back of the throat; early tuberculosis; itching of the toes, inner side of thighs, and at the bends of arms and legs; eczema of the palms; rectal bleeding; pin worms; fetid smelling perspiration of the hands and feet; feeling of a hair or fish bone stuck in the throat;

MENTAL/EMOTIONAL: Unstable, nervous dispositions; anxiousness that is aggravated by talking or being with people; intellectual concentration difficult; absent-minded; slow and apathetic; delusion of being watched or spied upon

MODALITIES: Unusual symptom of increased appetite and thirst, often about 11:30 am with the appetite and the thirst still there, or increasing, after eating; aversion to eating fish; desires salt—salt makes symptoms better in some people and worse in others as does the drinking of cold water; generally worse for pressure and heat; worse in the afternoon and evening; usually better for eating and from resting.

**All descriptions of spiritual and physical healing properties were researched and collected from various sources. This information is offered as a service and is not meant to treat medical conditions. Butterfly Expressions does not guarantee the accuracy of any of these statements.

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