Bothrops lanceolatus

(Yellow Viper)

Murphy’s materia medica states, “After being bitten in the little finger of one hand, paralysis began in the fingertips of the other hand and extended over the whole of that side. Intolerable pain in right great toe (this patient was bitten in the left thumb). Marked diagonal course of symptoms.”

HEART: Pulmonary congestion; fainting spells; rapid pulse

BLOOD/HEMORRHAGIC: Hemorrhages from every orifice of the body; blindness from hemorrhage into the retina; hemorrhages from wounds; blood clots; thrombosis

KIDNEYS: Blood in urine

LUNGS: Pulmonary congestion; oppressed breathing with bloody expectoration; spitting of blood

PHYSICAL/GENERAL: Necrosis of bones; septic conditions; lung and lymph congestion; septicemia; day blindness; lockjaw; one-sided headaches; phlebitis; swollen veins; gangrenous ulcers; inability to articulate words; nervous trembling; clammy sweats; skin bluish, looks as though bruised; swollen or infected lymph glands; tendency to sleep; coma that becomes deeper and deeper until death occurs; necrosis of bones; easy bruising; one-sided paralysis; paralysis following a stroke

MENTAL: Mental symptoms after a stroke; inability to articulate; forgetful of words; uses wrong words; considered a kind of “super Lachesis - very egotistical

MODALITIES: Worse on the right side even though this snake is said to be very aggressive

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