Bryonia alba

(wild hops)

The keynotes of Bryonia are many but almost always include a hard and bounding pulse, headache, dry cough, and such a deep chill that piles of blankets are desired. The person, especially children, feels worse for even the slightest motion and just want to be left alone. In fact, motion aggravates every symptom but is especially pronounced if the pain in the heart region is being experienced. Extreme thirst for large amounts of cold water accompany almost every condition that Bryonia would benefit. Dizziness, often accompanied by nausea, on rising. Vertigo or headaches brought on or made worse by lying down. Oddly, any pain will be better from pressure including lying on the painful side or area.

MENTALS: Extreme irritability; difficult to please;great desires for things that cannot be had at the moment; easily started; wants to be let alone; fearful of poverty; child dislikes to be carried or touched. each other, Bryonia often finishes the work of Aconite’s first response to sudden and deep shock. A couple of odd keynotes of Bryonia are that the hair is very greasy and if dandruff is found it will be rough and uneven with frequent cold sweat on the head.

CONDITIONS: Arthritis, backache including the pain of slipped discs, headaches that are bursting and throbbing, coughs, sore throat with pain on swallowing, flu with dehydration, dry and cracked lips, injuries to joints and joint pain that is better for warmth, migraine, pleurisy, mastitis or pain in breasts at menstruation